Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random fun stuff...

On Friday I went out with two of my sisters, Julie and Coleen. We went to park and swap and did a little shopping. Got this way cute purse and matching wallet. I paid $44 for the purse and $22 for the wallet. I broke my normal rule of never spending more that $35 for a purse, but I didn't go over it by too much. Mark should be thrilled that I don't have to have the beautiful purses that costs hundreds of dollars. No offense to those of you that have those kinds of purses...and I know several of you that do. I have to pick my battles and purses isn't one of them. :o)I also picked up the grand babies a couple of t-shirts. After walking forever at park and swap we headed over to Cafe Rio for lunch. It's a dang good thing there isn't a Cafe Rio in Maricopa because I'd be eating pork taco's several times a week. I LOVE them! After that I went over to visit with my parents, who I don't get to see nearly enough. It was go good just to sit and talk and catch up with them. I need to make more time for my family. I had an awesome day followed up with a dinner and movie date with Mark. We saw National Treasure (the second one) and loved it!

I got to go see these sweet guys on Thursday. Baby Mark and Little John make me so happy every time I see them. I love those babies so much. They are getting bigger by the minute and I miss a lot of those minutes. I plan to spend more time with them.
I taught the young women's lesson today. Whenever it's my week to teach my stomach is upset all week. I think I did okay, but can see many areas for improvement. I was too nervous to even think about taking pictures of what I prepared, but the girls said it was a good lesson, so I got the thumbs up.
For now the kitties names haven't really changed....with one small exception. I still call Franky by his name, but I call Sunny Scaredy butt. He is such a wimp. He'll finally come out at night when I go to bed and decide that while I'm sleeping is the perfect time for me to pet him. He's slowly trusting me a little more each day.
I hope you all are enjoying your long holiday weekend.


Laura-Ky said...

I can totally sympathize with your nerves and teaching the girls. I do the children's sermon at our church and I feel like I mess it up every week. Maybe with time it will get better for both of us.

The boys are beautiful and growing so much! It's amazing how different they look!

Briana said...

I'm with you, I just can't spend tons of money on nice purses! Vera Bradley is my only weakness and they have all been under $80. I'd rather have a ton of decent purses than a couple expensive ones. Same with shoes.

Just look at Mark and John! WOW have they grown! And the dark hair on John is so shocking! Thought he'd be a blondie like his big brother.

linda t said...

You are too cute Jolene... and what a wonderful daughter you are to your parents... and Grandma to those babies!
Hey, I will for sure check out Cafe Rio! I love pork!! Thanks for letting me know!

Andi said...

Cute new purse. I'm with Briana...I'm a Vera Bradley girl. I love their purses and they're not that expensive. I have had a few of the more pricey ones but had to draw the line at buying a Fendi Spy Bag...which I loved. When I told my husband I found a purse that I just loved but wouldn't spend the money to get it, he asked if it was $300. I informed him that if it had been $300...I would be holding in at that very moment. It was something like $1,200. I told the sales lady it was just a little more than I liked to spend on a purse...Yikes!!!

Little John is getting big!!! Both of the boys are so cute!

September said...

I'm with you on the purses. I own one expensive bag, a Dooney and Bourke and I never use it because it's heavy. I LOVE my knockoff Brightons. This one you got this time, I need. I think you should go back and get me one too! :) I love it, seriously. SO pretty. I have a black one that is similar to your pink one with the matching wallet that I'm using now.

The babies are getting big! Looks like baby John is going to favor Mom's side of the family, huh? He looks more like Brit. :) So sweet.

I'm still sticking with Franky and Luigi for the cat names. hee hee

-who is heading out to work in a few, no long weekend for me. :)

Kim said...

That person is gorgeous. I love it.

Speaking of gorgeous, how cute are those babies? I can't believe how big they are getting. They are so cute.

*Jennifer* said...

The boys are getting big!

Well...I was with you on the purses until I totally fell in love with my Coach. I got it $100 off!!! I never thought I'd spend $200 on a purse but you know what...I liked it and I'm worth it :)

Chickenbells said...

Oh...purses are so wonderful...thats why I always shop second can get the ones you want (usually) for a lot cheaper!! The boys are getting so big...I can hardly believe it! I'm glad the kitties are slowly adjusting...Scaredy Butt will eventually too, some kitties just need a little extra patience. I didn't even open the door to the basement until I lived here 2 weeks...and both of the cats I had at the time were totally freaked out...they're so silly!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and some great finds. Love the shirts.

Jacquie said...

Oh my goodness the boys have grown! Still cute as ever!

Patti said...

My hat is off to you for doing something that makes you so nervous (and so worthwhile)! The babies are darling!

Morgan George said...

Hey Aunt Jolene!!!..long time no see, i miss you guys so much!, and i can't wait to see you again! Love the eyebrows Cole!, and good job with the basketball!, this year our team was undefeated, until the last game we played..tear...

I wish you could come be our Young Womens leader here! I love the things you guys do, and you have really cute ideas!

Guess what?!? My best friend at my new school has the same b-day at you Jolene!!! It's awesome!

Do Cole or Cody have msn???...If they do, then i need to add them!

Tell everyone i said hi, and i love them!!

Much of it,