Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy times

Do you see my problem? Chad bought another motorcycle! Not just any motorcycle. A Rocket! I hate rockets. They are too fast. He promises to be safe. I'm hoping when he gets home and he spends some time on both that he will realize that the cruiser will be way more comfortable and he'll sell the rocket. A mom can hope anyways. My garage is so FULL! This Saturday we are planning on pulling everything out of it and re-organizing it. It's a mess, plus with the addition of 3 bikes, it needs a new plan. Not to mention the freezer needs to be relocated so it doesn't get unplugged again. It will be a lot of work, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Chad's mean machine
Chad's green machine
Mark's red monster

Kyle's-yet to be named :o)
This baby is 26 years old and runs great with lots of power

I swiped some more pictures off of Chad's myspace. They got snow in Afghanistan for the first time in over 10 years (at least where his base is) They didn't get a lot, but it was enough to show the locals how to have a snowball fight. I will use his captions he had on them. This is a picture of Chad and Castro

Reza and Chad

or snow cone?

Snow Angel

Packages from Chad have started coming in. They told him to send home anything he isn't using or things of value to prepare for coming home. Seeing the mail lady delivering them over the past few days makes it feel like his homecoming is right around the corner. He really doesn't get home until the very end of March which is close, yet far at the same time. I'm hoping time passes quickly. For now his boxes wait for him safely tucked in his bedroom closet.

Mark and I had dinner at Grandma's Kitchen in downtown Mesa on Friday night for the monthly Friday Night out on Main Street. There are other restaurants open, but since we know the owner (grandma) we like to support her business. She's normally only open for breakfast and lunch and does dinner once a month.

I thought this car was so cool!

I have a huge love of old brick buildings. They are so beautiful!

For the shoe lover in us all. :o) Main street has statues all down the street on the sidewalks. Mark got there late so I only got a few pictures before it got dark.

On Saturday we took the bike to town for brunch and Famous Dave's BBQ. (which explains my helmet hair) Love that place! Nothing like eating a feast for 2 atop a garbage can lid. LOL! In our defense we did NOT eat it all. I don't know how people could possible eat that much in one sitting. What we did eat was dang good though. I also love the decor in there....full of country goodness.

On Saturday night Kyle hosted a back to school party (semester) He helped me make food all day. He requested chicken salad sandwiches, veggies tray, chips, homemade salsa, chips, dip, crackers with cheese, brownies, stuff to make smores and soda. I think we had like 14 kids here. They ate, played games, played music, roasted marshmallow's, watched a comedy special and just had a great time together. They were all gone by 11:30 and the neighbors didn't call the cops, so I guess it was a success. :o) These kids must not have scrapbooker moms because ALL of them were very camera shy. Made my job difficult. Most pictures were terrible. Looks like I'll have to train them to just smile and get it over with.

Gotta go get ready to go. Cody has another dentist appointment, so I have to pick him up early from school. He has one appointment a week all month. sheesh!

Roast is in the crock pot...smells like Heaven! AHHHH! I sure hope there's roast in heaven...and steak and potatoes and chocolate...yummm :o)


Pam said...

I love Famous Daves too! I knew what it was before I read below your photo! And I have to admit my hubby can finish that feast by himself! ;) I now want one but it's not on the diet so I'll just drool on my keyboard along with all the other yummy food photos!

It's hard to believe Chad will be home in March! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Jolene- Would you ever consider sharing your Salsa recipe? :) Miriam

*Jennifer* said...

I saw Chad's pics on his myspace :)

Teresa said...

Jolene, I love this post... Snowman or Snowcone... Just too cute.... I have a huge smile on my face as I type..... The shoe is too cute.... I sure wish you lived closer... I know you are a great planner and cater and we sure could use your services as of right now... We have 2 weddings coming up... 1 in July and the other early next year... Any tips??


Kimberly said...

Ya'll are sure staying busy. Hope Chad makes it home safe and sound and soon. That food makes me hungry....yummy...roast!

~Telah said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad that you are feeling better and able to enjoy that time with your family. And now I think I'm going to have to go to the grocery store to buy a roast. Yummo!

homedaisy said...

tell that hubby of yours it is nice to finally see him in the right hat :) :)

Suzie said...

it's easy to see your home is full of life, your life is full of family and your family is full of FUN!
love to see it!

Jacquie said...

Wow the end of March is around the corner!! How cool is that.

Food on a garbage can lid, that is neat.

Coleen said...

Well, of course there is chocolate in heaven, it wouldn't be heaven without it. I can't wait to see Chad. He is soo good looking and he is my nephew. I can't believe he showed that snowman no mercy. So, that's what the war does to ya? Don't show Eric those bikes. He has already been after me about one. Love ya,

Diane said...

you guys do the funnest thing. I'm glad Chad had some fun with the snow they got. His sense of humor is great. Kyle's party looks like good fun.

Colors of Me said...

haha - finally found my password for my blog - just did a huge update on my condition - love famous dave's too - just wish my i had an appetite lol - i am so happy for you that chad is coming home - if you want some snow - i can send you some - we have had over 3 feet since december 1

Elisha said...

Jolene, I'm so sorry that we didn't get to meet up when I was down there! I took a break from the computer so I didn't get your message until too late. Sorry, I should have tried calling or something. I'll for sure be back down there again soon, though, so we'll for sure meet up then. Enjoy that sunshine for me!

wendster said...

Hi Jolene! I love this post. What fun photos, and how exciting that Chad is coming home. Is he done for good? Have I missed something during my pc's past maladies? Sounds like you are well and living life to the fullest over there. I am so happy for you. And I didn't think you had helmet hair at all. That's a cute look on you, just having your bangs down on one side like that. I like it. Also, I am bag tagging you. Show us your bag (or put the hyperlink to the time when you did... I think you already did) if you would like to.

Andi said...

Woo-hoo!!! Chad will be home soon. I know that will be a happy day for you!

From the looks of that first picture I would have to say our Jolene is a "biker chick"!!!

All those kids are so cute...you'll have to work on getting them to pose for you. Those Mom's need to be scrapbooking!

Cassandra said...

I'm so glad Chad will be home soon! You are such a busy lady! I admire all that you do so much! Great pictures!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow! Cool bikes. I can totally see what you mean about the bullet bike, though. So dangerous and scary!! I like the others, though. I can't believe Chad will be home so soon!! Yeah!! I bet you're just dying in anticipation! I hope it flies and the rest of his time there is safe and that he'll be home soon!!