Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Talents blossom

Thursday night is enrichment night at church for the women. Our theme is talents and we are all suppose to share the talents we have. Since I have zero musical talent, I have chosen to do a table display with a variety of things. The centerpiece of my display is this flower box. I used the really big bazzill blossoms and put different "talents" in the center of each flower. Then I taped them to a skewer and poked them in the flower box...whala! CUTE!

On the top I adhered this little sign with a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional at any of these thing, but I enjoy them and try to improve with practice. I think a lot of people are afraid to share their talents because they think they need to have it mastered, but I disagree. Your talents grow when you use and share them. It's all a work in progress.I also decided to print off a few pictures that I like and put them in a frame I already had to use in my display. I plan to have a scrapbook, baked yummy treats to share, organizational ideas, handmade cards, woodworking projects, decorating stuff, etc. I don't know exactly what, but I'm working on it. I think it will be lots of fun to learn more about the women and their talents in my new ward, so I'm looking forward to Thursday night.Today I went visiting teaching and baked some golden bars for the ladies and put them in these cute little bags from Martha Stewart. Love them!
Shelli was right. The gift Mark got me was a 2 tiered fruit basket. Thursday I plan to fill it with cookies for my display. :o)
I don't know about any of you, but I'm really hating summer. My 2 little boys are fighting NON STOP and my nerves and my mood are completely shot...seriously. I don't know how I've made it through these past few days. How many weeks until school starts? It's late and I'm tired. Now to decide whether to sleep in late to avoid a repeat of today or get up early and enjoy at least a couple of hours of peace before they wake up.
Chad made it safely to his base. The HumV he drives still doesn't have AC....it was 126 degrees there yesterday. He can't roll down the windows for ventilation because it's thick protective glass. There's no air movement. He's going to cook in there. Scares me to death. Please keep him and the others in your prayers.


Amy Mowbray said...

Jolene, I love your centerpiece. You are too darn creative!

I will continue to keep Chad in my prayers. Hang in there.

Jen said...

Right there with you Jolene, I HATE HATE HATE summer. My kids are done next Tuesday and already it has begun. They are at each other constantly plus I've got my 14 mth old nephew whose a handful to begin with. I don'tknow how I managed the toddler years.

My moods and nerves are shot too. I've been in bed at 9 pm every night. No time for me, as usual.

126 degrees in the desert has got to be brutal. Gosh, that sucks

Andi said...

You're so talented! What a cute idea...wish I could be there Thursday night...it sounds like so much fun.

Now...see those pictures in the frame. I want a closer look at the bride in the upper left hand corner picture please. I tried clicking on it but it wouldn't enlarge. Is that you and Mark? I want a better look!!!

Chad remains in my daily prayers. Hugs to you.

Valerie said...

oh.my. i don't ever want to complain about the heat here again. prayers for Chad AND for your two boys at home *and you too* that peace will reign supreme!

your display is adorable! what a great idea to use the Bazzill blooms!

Anonymous said...

Gosh your talented!! I just love it... especially your little disclaimer!! I hope all the ladies enjoy it too.


shekinahhvac said...

I too, am praying for Chad, my goodness, I couldn't survive those temps.

You ARE talented girl, and very inspiring!

Melissa said...

Girl, you're just OOOZING the talent! I love the flower display - so very creative!

So, do any of the vehicles over there have air, or is his just like my Amazing Technicolor Dream Van and it doesn't work?

Saying prayers for your kids today.

Jacquie said...

Man woman you have nothing but talent in those fingers of yours!!

Summer vacations starts June 28th here, my girls are itching for it. I'm scared ;-)

Oh my 126 degrees :-0 that is unimaginable to say the least!

Maren said...

Everything you do turns out so cute. I wish you were in my ward! lol. You ought to post what you wrote down as your list of talents. I think that is a neat idea.

So glad to hear that he made it safely. That heat, though.....yipes. Poor guys. Thanks for keeping us posted so I will be reminded to remember our men and women who are serving our country.

Hol&J said...

It's wonderful that you're using the gifts God gave you. You are very talented!

I’m keeping your family, and Chad in my prayers. God bless!

Chris said...

That's amazing! I love it. I plan to send a rubber ducky to chad. I figure as long as I sending a duck I might as well send along other things as well. Is their any thing else he really needs/enjoys to get in the mail???

Anonymous said...

That talent basket is dang cute! The women are going to love you and all your talents! And the fruit basket is awesome! I bet it will look great full of cookies too! Yum!!! I agree with you about summer, I hate it too! Nothing worse that bored, fighting kids! You, Chad and your family are all in my prayers!
Leslie >j<

~Telah said...

You are definitely one talented lady! You amaze me...love the centerpiece. What a great idea!

Kimberly said...

Love the flowers...too cute! So glad Chad arrived safely. I will keep your family in my prayer. Have a sunshine of a day!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!!! That display is just AMAZING!! Your church friends are gonna be amazed by you!!

martha said...

that is the cutest garden of talent I'VE EVER SEEN!!! Love that!!! Love that two tier basket I need one in yellow ;O) must go hunting. my kids last day was today, my oldest is already asking to go places,,,,,UH NOT I am staying home tomorrow doing N O T H I N G!!!lol

Leah said...

The talent display looks great! So cute!

126 degrees?? That's insane..I can not even imagine. Will be keeping him in my prayers.

Chickenbells said...

what a wonderful and creative idea...don't you just love to be inspired like this!?!

Oh heavens, that's hot...thank goodness that he's a little used to it having lived in PHX.

wendster said...

Could you BE any more talented? Girl, you DRIP talent!!! Those ladies are going to LOVE your display. And they are going to love all of the time you put into it. That will make them feel special. I love downtown Scottsdale but haven't been to downtown Mesa. I bet it's wonderful!
Solution for your little guys fighting: CRYOGENIC CHAMBERS. They sleep for the summer, stay cool, and it's peaceful! Problem solved! ha!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh my word!! What horrible heat!! That's just insane. I hope they're all OK over there in that heat!! And I've been complaining about how hot it's been (and going to get) in Utah. I will now stop! LOL I love your talent display. That will be so fun!! I love your flower box and your frame too! Love your visiting teaching bags! You go to 4 ladies?? And here I was complaning about 3. I will now stop!! LOL (P.S., I tagged you on my blog last week!)

TK Angels said...

Did not have any doubt that you could create such a wonderful centerpiece. You are so talented. I love it.

So glad Chad made it back safely.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I love the center piece and the disclaimer. I agree if you wait until you're a professional you miss to much fun! Of course, Chad is in my prayers too.

Susie Q said...

You are my creative inspiration girl!
What a beautiful display. Truly lovely.
Love the pictures...I echo Andi here...IS that you and Mark??
I too hate Summer for the heat and humidity and now, the drought.
I hope peace will reign supreme for you soon.


Amie said...

Hi Jolene,

I have just gone to the postoffice with my ducky and he said that I might need more info on that address to send it from here..... otherwise get your address and send it to you and for you to send it on. Does that make sense???

Hope your having a great day.