Wednesday, June 06, 2007

rubber ducky

My brother in law Steven gave some advise to Chad. It was a simple little reminder about the game of duck duck goose. He told him he wants Chad to be a duck...not the goose that gets up and runs around like an idiot so that bad guys can have a clear shot at it. Since I want my boy to come home without any holes in him I'm thinking that being a duck is a pretty good idea. While I was at the grocery store today I picked up this duck thermometer to send to him. This is 2 that he can see how hot it really is there and to remind him to be a duck. I thought it would be a cute idea if any of you would be interested in sending him a cheap little bathtub rubber ducky. You could even write your name, state, country on the bottom of it. I just think it would be funny for him to have a little collection that he can line up on top of his locker to remind him that so many people are thinking about him and want him to come home safely. What do you think? Anyone game? If so mail them to...
Chad George
APO AE 09354
I thought I'd share a few photo's that Chad gave me from Afghanistan. He said it hotter than Arizona, but they have to be in full gear so it's way stinking hot.
I know you are probably wondering why they never made it home for our last family dinner and I realized that not saying anything would make you think of all kinds of bad things, so the reason is that they were both getting more DUMB tattoos! I know some of you have tattoo's and I surely wouldn't judge you, but they are so young and I honestly think they will regret doing permanent damage to their bodies. It makes me crazy that I have no control. What's a mother to do? Still have to love them even when they don't use their brains.
I haven't heard from Chad since he was in Dallas, but it took a week to get home so I'm sure it will be a while before he can check in.


Jacquie said...

The ducks are such a cute idea. Think he'd want a Canadian one??

What nice pictures you have posted, makes it lot more real.

Tattoo's well I'm on the fence, my DH wants to get one now. Where that came from I'm not sure. What kind of tattoo's did they get? enquiring minds want to know LOL or atleast mine does.

shekinahhvac said...

Oh I loved the pictures. Thank you for sharing them. What a handsome boy!!

I am game for the "duck" idea. I will go "hunting" for the perfect one, I may even find one in Disneyland.

Susie Q said...

I am very game for the duckie idea! Fun!

That last picture is just priceless.

Oh tats are such a huge thing now. So many I know have them and I have no problem with it. As a Mom, I can see wondering why they would get so many that they might regret years from now. I guess that is why I don;t have them. I could never decide what I would want young that I would still like as an elder. That and I am a chicken about pain!

He will be many are praying and he is always in our thoughts.

Those pictures are truly treasures.

Love and hugs,

Valerie said...

i gotta go shopping...maybe i'll put a tat on mine for him! (and a nose, er..bill piercing!)

love those pictures. he's such a sweet boy - it's no wonder you're as proud as you are!

Amie said...

I love the duck idea, I will have to get one and send it, all the way from australia... Tattoo's I like them but would never get one, my mother got one for her 50th birthday and I think it looks stupid, but my sister has a really beautiful one on her foot of a picese symbol and I love it.
All the ducks will surely keep him remembering to be a duck *giggle* It is great advice though.

Have a good week


Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow. What interesting pictures! Definitely makes it real to see all of that. My nephew is leaving soon and I just don't know about that. I love the duck analogy! What a great reminder with the cute duck thermometer!! So fun that you found that. I'm with you on the tattoos. My religious beliefs aside, I just don't think I could do it. I'm terrified of having any type of surgery and I think this just fits in that same category. LOL I'll admit I've had henna and airbrushed tattoos, though, but only because I knew they were temporary. Toe rings I'm all over, but not so much on the tattoos!! LOL

Tricia said...

what kinda tattoo did they get? I think I noticed one in one of your Photos...a word on the arm...I wondered what it said.?

I'll be looking for a little duck from canada...such a great Idea. You are such a great mom!

Jen said...

I got my tattoos as an adult and I had 3 children already....I think some do regret them but I love mine and want more!!

Great photos....

Andi said...

Great pictures! Chad's so good looking it would be difficult to get a bad picture of him!

Love the duck idea...looking forward to shopping for mine and personalizing it. He'll have to take a picture of his collection he receives and send it to you to post.

I have a small tatoo...not crazy about the "all over" ones though.

Briana said...

Oh I'm definitely game! One duck form NH coming right up!

~Telah said...

The duck idea is so cute. I'll have to remember to find one at the store. I feel the same way about tattoos. Do they think about the way they will look when they are much older? Chad will be in my prayers, Jolene.

Janet said...

I love the duck idea. The pictures are great. I love the ones with the children.

Andi said...

I bought ducks today!!! Can't wait to embellish them!!!

velvet brick said...

I want a tatoo, but can't figure out what I want and where... I know I don't want one that I regret when I'm 80 years old and some guy named Treshon comes into my room to give me a sponge bath and my 'oh so cool' tatoo that I got at 50 has moved all the way down and is now hanging on my ass or something... such a delima...

I love the pictures of Chad, Jolene and the duck idea too. The pictures, well..they are priceless. And as darn HARD as this whole situation is, when I see that last picture, I know that Chad is learning lesson about our world, human kind and life that he would never be able to learn here. He will come out of this without holes, full of spirit and with a perspective and view of life ont his earth that will serve him well for his next 70 years! Hugs and prayers are being blessed your way. Smile, girl! Your son is becoming quite the man!

Anonymous said...


I am just a lurker here but I love your blog and read it everyday. Would it be weird if I sent Chad a duck since I'm not a real poster or friend?

My husband was in the military right out of high school (we were high school sweethearts). We broke up but I never stopped worrying about him and all the different countries he traveled to on "peace-keeping" missions. Luckily fate stepped in and we got back together 12 years later and are now happily married. Needless-to-say, I have a deep respect for our soldiers and would love to just send Chad something to say we're thinking about you and thanks for all you do.

Keep your chin up, Heavenly Father hears your prayers (and all of ours for him too)!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Jolene, like Desi I'm a "lurker", but I read your blog every day - it is just fantastic. We live in outback Australia and I love your descriptions of everyday life - which is sort of similar to ours but pretty different. Those photos of Afganistan certainly are eye-opening! They all look so young!
Your family is great, and you have a great knack for bringing it all to life with your writing.
I'll have to have a look out for a duck next time I go shopping!

amydc said...

Chad & your family are in my prayers.

Stacy L. said...

Hi Jolene,
I'm a lurker, but thought I would introduce myself and let you know that my family and I will send Chad a Texas duck.

I enjoy reading your blog. In fact, it is bookmarked as one of my favorites!

Take care.
Stacy L.

Chickenbells said...

Love the duck idea! And, those are great pictures...and the tattoos? Well, everyone said that when I got mine, but I still love it, and they'll have the fun memory of that forever!! And my mom was beside herself too, that I'd scarred my "perfect" body...I was, um 24...and I DID have stretch marks then, so...this is just a more colorful scar (right?) lol!

Brooke said...

I'll definitely send him a duck :) And, maybe some more goodies ! I'm heading to PA this weekend out of town and then to NC to the beach next weekend - maybe I'll find some really good stuff to send !

Love making the faces of some hard workin' soldiers smile.


Diana said...

Another canadian duck coming his way!!
Great idea~~
I cannot wait to see his collection!!

Deanna (DW) Shain said...

Since Chad is about to receive a duck-load, oops... I mean truck-load.... of ducks, I thought I would share that great mini duckies, in themed attire no less, are available for about .99 at a lot of the party stores (originally from Orintal Trading catalog). I know, because I bought a ton of them wearing graduation hats to fill the hot tub for my dd's grad party and ones wearing pirate garb for another party on our plate. I was amazed how many different varieties there are out there. They are sooooo cute! One pirate duck on it's way! Won't he be surprised!!! Good idea!

Briana said...

To answer your question, we're in Cave Creek, AZ this weekend. I'm having lunch with an old co-worker in Scottsdale today and will be seeing my sister-in-law and nephew tomorrow in Anthem.

TK Angels said...

I love all the pics. Chad looks so handsome.

I will look for a "Duck" this weekend.

Take care,

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

He is going to wonder 'what the duck' has mom been up to this time. My duck will be on the way~ and I'm going to make a link. A very small thing to do!
This idea quacks me up =D

wendster said...

Let us remember that duck also sounds like "DUCK!" ... which is also good advice. And I am remembering that the "goose" who runs fast enough and crazy enough always gets away, so even if he forgets himself for a moment, he looks dang fast and he's obviously brave (ouch! tattoo needles!) so I think he's going to be OK. My little Tristan has 14 rubber duckies, so I am pretty sure he can spare one. Perhaps the bride and groom duckies? Or the pirate? Or the bingo ducky ... he's lucky! Which one do you think?
Sorry I've been away ... internet was down for a week.
Love! Wendy

homedaisy said...

what kind of tattoo did he get? i hope he got a duck.

Melissa said...

I don't understand the whole tattoo thing either - my brother just keeps getting more and more of them.

Ducks - what a great idea!

Pam said...

Hi Jolene, I just wanted to let you know I got your comments and for some reason I've lost your email so I can't email you. I really appreciate them and your thoughts and your friendship! I hope to be back soon! Hugs my friend. And I'll keep my eye out for a rubber duckie! ;)

Susan said...

Jolene, I love the duck idea. Very cute! I hope he gets LOTS of ducks. He'll be getting one from Iowa from me. The pictures makes it so real. I love the last one. Those kids are adorable.

Mindy said...

I hope you have heard from Chad. Time seems to be flying on this end but probably not on yours. I can't believe how the boys have turned into men!

I have yet to look for or take any pictures. I have been trying to get all of my garden planted in case I have surgery next Friday. I am hoping that I can get somebody to water everything now that it is in!

Tomorrow is another day.

Martha said...

I love the "duck" he'll get one from me, this will be fun hunting one down with my kids and I'll tell them the story behind it and show them the pictures of your son. You are such an awesome mama and I love coming here visiting you and your family ;)

Diana said...

Jolene... anymore to that address for us canadians? The post office claims that I should have more??
i dunno what do you think??