Thursday, June 14, 2007

Enrichment night

Well tonight was the night to share our talents. After I got in there and set up my display I felt really odd because I did highlight several (not all) of my "talents". Although I was really happy with how it turned out I couldn't help but be a little insecure. Most everyone brought a couple of things. They had all theirs displayed on two long tables combined. I had a long and a small round table all to myself. That's kind of a large display in comparison. I thought to myself "they are either going to like me or think I'm a freak" I hope that they like me. The odds are that one or two people think I'm a freak, but they seemed to really enjoy my display. Plus my cookies and cupcakes provided them all dessert after dinner. Maybe now they will know who I am. Who knows?! Here are some of the other displays. Ardith made her wedding dress some 24 years ago. She also did a collage of different things she's done. She is talented in many areas.

Another girl showed the dressed she has made for her daughters. They were very pretty.

Brenda brought in 4 gorgeous quilts. Sure makes me want to learn to quilt. I can tie a quilt, but nothing like these. BEAUTIFUL!Another girl showed her watercolor painting and mosaic tile box.
Can't remember her name either, but look at what a wonderful drawing...simply amazing talent!
Megan with her handbag and her son's handmade blessing outfit. I could never do this. I sew paper and costumes...that's it.
Toni has some beautiful scenery photos that she took and framed to hang in her house. I love photos like these because they make me feel peace.
Ardith is a black belt and gave us a demonstration. It was amazing! I sure wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. She could kick every square inch of my butt...and then some! It's a good thing she's my friend. If I have to go to the store at night, I'll giver her a call to tag along. :o)

There were others that performed musical talents like singing and playing the piano. I did take their pictures, but I don't know them well enough to put their faces on my blog without their knowledge. All in all it was a fun night....until I came home and burned my left pointer finger from the first knuckle to the cuticle. It's taking me forever to type this post, because I type a sentence or two, them stick it back in the ice. Last time I got burned it wasn't this painful! Not sure how I can sleep with this dumb finger.

Still driving smelly carpet cleaning van. The transmission has finally croaked on the suburban and I don't have $2,000 to fix it. Sheesh! I can only take one person safely in a seat belt in the van. We have to load the boys in the back with the machine and hose reel to go to church and stuff. How ghetto is that?!

I did talk to Chad this morning on IM for the first time. He is doing good and drives a different humv with AC...thank heavens! Kit left me a comment that I need to be careful with what I write about him, for the safety of him and the soldiers he works with. Even though I know nothing about the missions he goes on, I completely understand. I wouldn't want to endanger any of our soldiers, so I will be more careful with what I post.

Here is the picture that a few of you requested to see up close. It's not me and Mark, It's Brek and Brittany. I took this one after we were done with the big photo session. They were having a little conversation with the flower girl and never knew I took the picture. It turned out to be my favorite picture from their wedding. I wish I knew why when you click on some pictures they will show a large version, then click on others and get nothing....hmmmm. A question for another day. My ice has melted so I need to go refill my baggie and try to go to sleep....not sure that's possible since my finger is on fire. I plan to try to catch up on blog reading in the morning.
P.S. Could you also put my cousin Mindy in your prayers. She is having eye surgery Friday afternoon. It's a pretty serious and scary thing. I'm worried about her and love her dearly.
Thanks so much!


Lara said...


First of all, I can't believe YOU felt insecure about your display! You are so talented! And I was LOL about your van/ghetto comment. We all feel that way at certain times. If people want to judge us based on what we drive or how we look, then they aren't worthy of us anyway!

I would love to hear more updates about Brek, Brittany and baby Mark. Did they end up moving nearby? How is the pregnancy going? What is baby Mark up to? And how is Cole doing with the move - has he had any more outbursts when seeing his old friends?

Hang in there, hope your finger feels better soon!

Lara in CA

Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow! Look at all those incredible talents you and the other ladies in your ward have!! What a fun enrichment night! Such a beautiful and fun picture from the wedding! I can see why you like it so much! Glad Chad finally has some AC to drive around with!! Sorry about your Suburban. Our Tahoe is plenty old and I just pray that it doesn't die on me 'cuz I would have nothing to drive for quite a while!! I will pray for your cousin and how that all goes well with her surgery!!

Andi said...

Jolene, I've enjoyed this post so much. I have to leave for work now but will come back this weekend to re-read it and admire all of the wonderful talent displayed here. Enrichment night sounds amazing and what a great way to get to know everyone.

Thanks for posting a larger wedding picture of Brek and very lovely and sweet. I've always enjoyed weddings and the pictures. Even when a wedding is on televison I like to watch.

So glad Chad can IM you. I know it helps to hear from him on a regular basis.

Off to work for me...have a great day! Hope your "boo-boo" burn gets better.

restyled home said...

When I explored your blog and discovered the variety of talents you have...unbelievable! I also love reading about your family and the humour you use in sharing your stories makes it a really fun blog to visit. I have two military (Canadian) brothers who have just recently "retired" from the military (they seem so young to use that word) and I can only imagine how much thoughts of your son must dominate in your mind.

We take the creature comforts we enjoy forgranted and I was certainly glad to hear your son has access to air conditioning now in his vehicle. Small comforts, but so incredibly necessary over there. Best wishes to you and your family and I will continue to visit!!


Briana said...

I bet those other women were amazed at your vast array of talents! Certainly nothing to be insecure about! You go girl!

I'll keep Mindy in my prayers for a successful surgery. As well as continued prayers for the safety of Chad and the other soldiers.

Kimberly said...

First off, OUCH! I hate when I burn myself. I usually just do it when I am cooking cornbread. Those iron skillets get so hot. Your display was just great. Don't worry! I am not even sure what my talents are. I scrapbook but I wouldn't say I am a talented scrapbooker. At least you know what yours are. Anyhoo, have a great weekend!

TK Angels said...

I will keep your cousin Mindy in my prayers.

I loved your pictures of all the talented displays. Yours was awesome and I truly enjoyed the wedding pictures.

Take care,

Diane said...

You crack me up with how you tell things.
I love your talent display and I'm glad you took pictures of the other ladies talents. It's a great way to get to know each other. I love those beautiful quilts.
So glad to hear Chad has AC now. I hope your burn is feeling better today.
I will pray for Mindy as well.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow, a room full of creative talented women! That must have been really fun.

I think you should do a fund raiser for your car fund. You could sell scrapbook albums, scrap bits and peices, cards,
I would totally advertize for you. We could hit several blogs, message boards........I know there are LOTS of people who would love to help you.

kit said...

Thanks for not taking what I said the wrong way. It's hard when our loved ones are in harms way and we can't talk to our friends and family about it. We actually had a ruckus not too long ago on our command's military wives message board. A girl, new to the military and our command posted some information on her husband's mission and everyone jumped on this poor girl. I thought that maybe if it had nicely been explained to her it would have been better than attacking her and the resulting outcome, and I said so too. I thought it had all been unnecessary.

Valerie said...

some wonderfully talented ladies in your new Ward! (but you're still my favorite!)

love the photo of B&B - love, love, love it!

wendster said...

Isn't it funny/stupid the way our brain will talk to us and tell us stupid stuff that SO ISN'T TRUE about ourselves!!! Jolene ... that same thing happens to EVERYONE ... I get insecure when I go on other people's blogs and see how amazing THEIR'S are and how often they write and etc. etc. and I feel TOTALLY INADEQUATE each time I see them. .. ESPECIALLY YOURS!!! You are the freakin QUEEN of creativity!!! Not a freak. And you are soooo dang nice. And everyone comes to your blog! Look at your evidence, my friend, the whole freakin planet loves you. Well ... if you listen to metaphysics, the planet is perfectly balanced at all times, meaning that HALF of the planet dislikes you, and HALF of the planet likes you. The book of Mormon says the same thing. Opposition. So ... I'm thinking that regardless of what the voice in my head says: HALF OF THE PLANET thinks I'm freaking amazing! Woo hoooooooo! (But I truthfully think a little MORE than half of them think YOU are amazing.) Ha! Shut up voice in my head. I am amazing and so is Jolene. and everyone else who is reading this post. hee. p.s. I thought you looked HOT in those cool sunglasses. And I am going to copy your party displays when I put out my food for Hannah's graduation party.
I'm in the half of the planet who LIKES you, in case you were wondering.
Love! love love love love! Wendy

wendster said...

p.s. My soap box is available. I'm done with it now.

Jacquie said...

Great display! I know with myself I am always my own worse critic. But serioulsy your crative side ROCKS.
That is such a lovely pic of B&B it seems as the candid ones are sometiems the nicest doesn't it?

Hope your finger feels better, burns are so not fun.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing this. It was a great post to read and pictures to see.

September said...

Jolene, That coop sure looks wonderful! I wish we had something like that here--