Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bountiful Baskets

Today was the first day the bountiful baskets co-op opened a new location here in Maricopa, making it their 9th site in Arizona. I was so excited when I found out about them. I was so surprised to see that about 100 people had signed up on the first week. WOW! They do produce drops every other Saturday morning at each location and you have to have your money in the Thursday before. It's based solely on volunteers to make it run. For a $15 contribution ($17 first time + $1.50 management fee) you get a variety of fruits and vegetables that would be valued around $50 in the grocery store. You never know what you're going to get from time to time. It's always different based on what's in season and what are good buys that week. I got there an hour early (8:00) to help sort all the produce into separate baskets, then break down all the cardboard boxes for recycling. I was sweating buckets and guess who left her bottle of water on the kitchen counter? Yep...ME! It's not really hard work, just hard in the heat. By the time I got home, I was beat red and shaking. My body is a little stiff and sore, but that's because I'm so out of shape. I look forward to doing it in the fall and winter. Today we had lots of volunteers so it really went smoothly. For any of you Arizona girls interested, click on their website to see if there is a location close to your home.
In today's basket I got...
1 cantaloupe
1 cute watermelon
1 broccoli
1 bag of grapes
1 romaine lettuce
5 cucumbers
2 red onions
11 little apples
5 red bell peppers
5 nectarines
5 peaches
6 Roma tomatoes
8 bananas
4 lemons
Pretty cool, huh?! Now I'm excited for the next drop!
Sunday is Father's Day and I hope that you all honor and pamper the fathers in your life, whether it be your own dad, your father in law, or the father of your children. They work so hard for us and love us unconditionally and they deserve to be spoiled. :o)
I'm off to go clean out my fridge. It's not my most favorite job to do and I'm not too proud to tell you that there is a chance of some penicillin experiments hidden in the way back somewhere....there always is. ICK! My family is not the best left over eaters...hence the experiments. If the though of that grosses you out, then I'm sorry, but most everyone I know has grown their own furry experiments a time or two...admit it! :o)
Enjoy your weekend!


Briana said...

I've had some science experiments! YUCK, always makes me gag to empty out the fridge. Usually have to have Kevin do it because I've got a weak stomach!

How cool about the baskets though. Wish we had those around here. I also saw one of those Supper places that will makes dinners for you while I was in AZ! We have NOTHING like that here.

Valerie said...

are you kidding? i've probably tossed many a cure for disease from my fridge.

the co-op sounds like fun! i'm bummed for you that you forgot your water..that blows big time!

Amie said...

Cleaning out the fridge is never a nice job..... especially the stuff hidden in the back!!

I wish we had a fruit/veg thing happening like that here!

Have a good weekend Amie

Jacquie said...

Ok I admit it I have had some experiments "walk" out of my fridge on thier own LOL.

I would love to have someone drop off some veggies on my door and for such a reasonble fee.

Andi said...

Oh I've had a few "experiments" in my fridge as well...the mystery meat dishes, etc. I've actually gotten better about it over the years but every now and then something gets hidden away and forgotten.

Your Bountiful Baskets thing sounds really nice...and your produce looks so pretty and fresh.

Bully got his Daddy a new pair of shoes for Father's Day!!!

Laurie Anne said...

Hi Jolene
Thanks for stopping by. Looks like you got some good stuff. Bet these won't last long enough to become "experimental". :0)
Love your blog- it just might inspire me to start scrapping :0)

Mary Jo McConnell said...

Hi Jolene,

I've been a lurker, but finally coming out of hiding! I've been reading a friend's blog for months and stumbled across yours. Thanks for the inspiration--I've just started my own blog too!

Those fruits and veggies look so delicious!

Have a good Sunday!

TK Angels said...

I also have had many science projects in my fridge. Rick and I (especially me) are not leftover fans.

I love your bountiful basket! Whish we has something like that here. I will just have to stop by "Frank's Fruit Farm" to get my fresh veggies--They are expensive though.

Take care,

Chickenbells said...

We have a little organic produce co-op up here run by Prescott College...and it's so wonderful to promote and support local organic farmers! My mother belongs, and since she eats only raw foods, she totally gets her $$ worth...doesn't it feel super good to eat so healthy?

Cherie said...

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE something like this! Wow!

I actually emailed my friend who lives in the Phoenix area to tell her about it!

wendster said...

Hey hey hey ... that looks so cool. I loved that you included the description of how worn out you were afterwards, because I could relate to that! I've been drinking water, charting my drinking, and wearing my pedometer every day! Woo hoooo! We fluffy girls are gonna be LEAN girls! Everyone else still in?

Kimberly said...

That sounds so neat about the produce. Wish we had that here in Alabama. And yes, I have thrown away many containers because I didn't want to open it. Rather buy an new container. Have a great day.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

We save leftovers, and clean them all out on sunday. It is a crazy habit. As I am putting up the leftovers I know they are just going to get pitched the next trash day.

Jennifer said...

We have a similar program called Angel Food here. I wish ours was all fresh produce, though! However, I am working hard at getting a garden producing, so maybe that makes up for it!

I have really enjoyed reading over your last few entries and sort of catching up. I sure hope you are feeling more settled in and at home there! :0)

Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow! That is so neat!! I would love to get all that fresh produce! Not sure if we'd get it all eaten, but we'd sure give it a try!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow! That is so neat!! I would love to get all that fresh produce! Not sure if we'd get it all eaten, but we'd sure give it a try!