Saturday, August 19, 2006

Campers and kitties

At the forest ranger look out
my little posers...cute boys!
they LOVE riding quads
the little darlings
I just got the camping pictures off the camera from Mark taking the little boys to the mountains. I'm wondering just how long I can get away with calling them the little boys. They really aren't so little anymore. I guess it's just my way of holding onto them a bit longer. They really had a great 4 days of fun together. I'm glad Mark got to do this for them before school started. With running our own business, it's hard for him to take time off. The boys are so glad he did.
I also included a new picture of the kitties. It's HARD to get all three of them to cooperate for a picture. Sugar really is way cuter in person and doesn't look like a demon kitty like she does here. Patrick is in the back and has lots of spunk. Ellie is a true princess and has the sweetest squishy face. I love how funny and playful they have become. They make me laugh everyday.

Mark took me to La Parrilla Suiza Mexican food restaurant for the first time last night. Let me just say that it was the best flavored meat I have ever had! So dang good! For you local residents, It's on the SW side of the 60 and Stapley. I had the #15 and I'm thinking I have to go back very soon for another #15. It was amazingly yummy!

I ordered myself a new pink motorcycle helmet today. Totally girly baby soft pink. I'll post a picture when it comes excited!


Missy's Blog said...

Your "little boys" will always be your little boys. I've decided our 18-month old will always be our baby. My goodness ... your boys are so handsome! Looks like they had fun doing lots of boy stuff.

Darling kitties too ... they look so soft and cuddly.

Mexican food is absolutely one of my favorites. Sounds like you had a great meal there.

Pink Girly Motorcyle Helmet????
Waaaaaaaaay Cool!

SmileyCarrie said...

Great pictures..... those kitties are soooo sweet!! awwww!!!!

Jen said...

OMG, those kittens are so sweet....omg, I want one!

September said...

Great photos Jolene! The boys look like they had a blast and the kittens are just too darling for words..... No more cats, no more cats, no more cats.... ok, feeling stronger now. LOL :) Love ya, Tember

Pam said...

What handsome "little" boys! Love that tower photo. And those kittens are just too cute! I want them all!

YUMMM! Mexican food! I love it!

margie said...

lady i am going to be in AZ teaching at Scrapbooks Etc on wednesday the 6th come take a class...I would love love love to see you!
kiss kiss

Chris said...

Lady I can't wait to see the pink helmet and with you in it!! The boys look like mountain men for sure...Oh I mean plains men they want to move out here dont' they??

Joni said...

Who are those grown guys riding the four-wheelers??? I bet they had a blast! Nice Mark could spend the time w/ them before school.
I'll look forward to a full layout of you in your pink helmet. :)