Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A bit of rambling...

A little bit of this and that of happenings around here.
* Look how much Brittany has grown this week. Her tummy just went BAM! overnight. So fun and cute!
* We are all sleep deprived...stayed up till 3:30...got up at 6:20. Clearly not a good idea! I happen to really love and need good sleep.
* We had our first appointment with the high risk doctors today. We feel like we are finally in the loop and that things will be done right from now on with this baby. That is a great feeling!
* Pumpkin got stung by a bee on her mouth and her whole snout swelled up big. I chopped up a benadryl and put it in cheese....problem solved! She still a spunky cute little pain in the butt puppy!
* We've been cleaning my house for days and it's still not even close to clean! I hate that! Problem is that we've been doing deep cleaning, sorting, and purging. It's never ending!
* Laundry! 8 people live here...enough said about that!

* Got my hands on the brand spankin' new Chatterbox paper! I love it so darn much! Can't wait to use it.
* Mark is still gone with the two little boys up at a friends cabin. They've had a blast riding quads, visiting with the forest ranger at the fire lookout tower, playing games, watching movies, etc. Just good old father/son bonding.
* Another friends cabin had a pipe break. HUGE flood. Neighbors called and told them they has water coming out the front door. I sent one of our employees up there to take care of it. Main level had 2-3 inches of water. Basement had 8 FEET! Can we say...indoor pool! It's going to take some time to clean up that mess! I feel bad for them, but they have kept positive about the whole thing.
* We have Brittany's sisters baby here again. She is very crabby, but still adorable.
* Looking forward to Steven, Chris, Morgan, Aaron and Ryan coming to town in a few days. It will be fun having more family here for a visit. I love them!
* Also getting excited for the baby shower on Saturday and VERY excited about my BIL Rodney and SIL Cam getting baptized Saturday evening. It's going to be a perfectly wonderful day!


SmileyCarrie said...

Love her belly!!! Sounds like things are busy and going well with you. Enjoy your week :)

Jen said...

Great news on the high risk specialist! I hope it continues to go smoothly....

September said...

Gosh, Jolene, she looks fantastic! I'm glad the doc visits are all going well. Love ya!

Pam said...

Brit looks way too cute! Good luck with the specialists! So glad you all are feeling good about everything!

Sorry to hear about poor Pumpkin!

SO stinkin jealous that you go the new chatterbox!!! :)

maggie Holmes said...

what a cute pregnant girl she is!!
sounds like you are busy busy!!

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... you sound busy, busy ... LOTS going on! Your daughter-in-law looks very pretty ... she's a lucky girl to have you for a MIL. So glad the Benadryl worked for Pumpkin ... hopefully he'll stay away from those bees.

Baby shower weekend ... such fun!! Hope you all have a GREAT time!