Sunday, October 05, 2008

My baby is 12....

Cole turned 12 on Friday. I can hardly believe that my baby boy is growing up so fast. And no, he doesn't like being called my baby boy,especially sonce he's bigger than me but that's just what happens when your born last. His only request was he wanted to go bowling with our family and invite a few friends. You know a nice small scale party. Then it snowballed quickly and it turned out to be such a way fun party with lots of silliness. We reserved 3 lanes so up to 18 people could bowl. I didn't bowl because I wanted to make sure everyone else got to , plus I forgot to bring socks to town and the thought of bare feet in bowling shoes makes me shudder. Ick!Cole with Erica Mark and cute!

Mark had all kinds of love to share. He was pure entertainment for everyone all night.
Mark got lots of strikes. I don't know how he does it since he never puts his fingers in the holes.Wrong on so many levels. :o)
Really Mark just tackled Hunter because him and Chad kept messing him up. It was pretty funny.

Anytime Cody and Brook or Cole and Erica got too chummy, Mark was there in a flash to stir up the pot. You have to keep a close eye on teenagers ya know. :o)Brek, Brittany and the boys came too. I was so glad to see them join us for some fun.Little John and his way young Grammy. :o)

Baby Mark even got to bowl with some help from the ramp and Grandpa Mark.
Mark and John loved the arcade. What boy doesn't like to drive, afterall?Cole had a really fun party. I sure do love that baby boy of mine!


Rhona said...

Looks like you had a great time. Happy Birthday Cole. My baby turned 12 on 29 Sept. That didn't seem right either ;o)

Diane said...

You guys always have so much fun together. Tell Cole happy birthday. He sure is a cutie and you're one hot grammy. :) It's good to see the babies.

Andi said...

Happy Birthday Cole! He's such a cutie. They grow up so fast. Your party looks like so much fun and I love the picture of you with the look so pretty. I think you should get a frame for that one or at the very least make a special scrapbook page with it.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Time sure flies!!!!

Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!

Looks like a fun time was had. The Grandbabies are getting so big and they're such cuties.

Valerie said...

happy birthday Coleymoleyfazole! (we have a Cole in my family and that's what i call him)

love your photos - and what a blast you had...but i do not know how you manage with your boys AND the overgrown teenager you call Husband!

Valerie said...

happy birthday Coleymoleyfazole!!
great photos; you had a great time but i gotta know: how do you manage with your kids AND the overgrown one named Mark?!

Susie Q said...

Happy (belated!) birthday Cole you gorgeous guy you!
have a special year...full of happy times and lots of love.