Sunday, September 28, 2008're it!...

Miss September tagged me so I decided to post this before my Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona post since I just got home and I'm too tired, dirty and sun burnt to pick through a bunch of pictures. Yes, the pasty white girl got fried again and yes, my boys teased me about it again. Also, my camera battery died last night so I have no pictures of today's fun...and I looked kind of cute and now there's no proof. Well Mark thought I looked pretty cute. Does that count? :o)

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Be debt free.
2. Have a grand daughter and a bunch more grand sons
3. Reach my goal weight (impressive goal date, huh?!)
4. Learn all the things my camera can do
5. Be up to date on my scrapbooks
6. Live a life on service, love and fun
7. Learn to ride a motorcycle (maybe) :o)

7 Things I Do Now

1. Play on the computer way too much.
2. Clean up after and cook for piggies
3. Exercise even if I don't want to
4. Have fun with family and friends
5. Make other people happy
6. Take lots of pictures
7. Apparently burn and peel

7 Things I Can't Do

1. Smile without bells palsy showing up in my face
2. Get enough sleep
3. Keep my house as clean as I'd like it
4. Please everyone at the same time
5. Eat most vegetables
6. Remember to bring my camera battery charger
7. Tan

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

1. Twinkly eyes
2. A cute smile
3. A great personality
4. Sense of humor
5. Charismatic
6. Loves unconditionally
7. Compassionate and kind

7 Things That I Say Most Often

1. Are you honest?
2. I'm honest!
3. Say honest! (do you see a trend?)
4. You have got to be freaking kidding me!
5. Oh my crud!
6. Can you not put the pop tart wrapper IN the trash?
7. Yes, of course I can do...(fill in the blank!)

7 Celebrities That I Admire

I'm totally not doing this part because I don't admire celebrities. I admire people that personally touch my life and no I'm not naming names because I don't want to hurt any ones feelings by leaving them out. Plusalso there are way more than 7 people.

7 Favorite Foods

1. Mexican
2. Steak
3. Potatoes
4. My alfredo sauce
5. Bread
6. Loads of sweet treats
7. Good home cookin'

7 People Who Need To Do This

...again with the only picking 7 and leaving out others who may want to play along too. I just can't do it! If you want to play then consider yourself tagged by me and tell me in the comments so I can go to your blog to read your answers. If you don't want to play you can still leave me a comment even if it's just to make fun of my answers. :o) If you don't have a blog then feel free to email me your answers.
Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. I know I am!


The Picketts said...
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The Picketts said...

I want to try your alfredo sauce...I LOVE alfredo sauce! :o) Is this a recipe that you've shared? If so, would you like to share with me?!

P.S. I'm going to try my very very hardest to make it aerobics tomorrow! I miss seeing you and all the fabulous people there!

1RadChick said...

You left off Oh my heck... LOL And I have personally heard you say 3 of the 7 things on that list!!! How cute. And not the poptart one, thankyouverymuch!

Hope you aren't burned TOO badly!


Anonymous said...

If your husband says you look cute, that means Run, Jolene, Run!! ; ) Have asked Julie how the mom and pop are doing, it's a race to see who let's me know first!


Andi said...

Love your lists Jolene! I may just have to give this one a try.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of your blog Jolene - but what on earth is Bells Palsy? I've never heard of it (that's not saying much though). : )
Sarah in FL

BrownEyedSusan said...

Okay Jolene, go and read my blog, I joined in and answered the survey and also poked fun at you some. : ) It was fun. Mendy
Since you don't have me as one of the blogs you read...I am so hurt...: ) probably cause I never post is my address to my blog...