Tuesday, October 14, 2008

birthday boy and big head...

Today is my sweet boy Brek's birthday. I sure love that boy/man and I'm proud of the husband and father he has become. I know it's not easy at such a young age, but he stepped up the the plate and took on the huge responsibility. He really has a sweet little family. He is 22 years old now! Can you even believe it? It's crazy I tell you. I went to town and took him, Brittany and the boys some lunch. It was nice to see them. Brek said it's kind of my day too since I was there and all on his actually BIRTHday all those years ago. Goofball! Dang straight I was there and by the time he was there I was exhausted and so dang happy for him to be out of my tummy. I just don't do that whole pregnancy/labor/delivery thing very well....yet I decided to do it to myself 5 times and each time it got harder. I'm not sure if I was just really strong or crazy. Lets not dwell on that question too long because I may not like the answer. I am however grateful for all of my boys...even when Cole comes to me at 8:00 at tonight and says we need to go to the store to get modeling clay for a project AND write a report on Sargon the king of Mesopotamia that is due TOMORROW! Yep! I still love him, but I'm not real fond of him right now. The good mom that I am took him to the store and helped him with it. He finally got to bed at 11:00 so I'm sure he won't be worth much as school, but at least it won't be turned in late. That's the one class he is really struggling in so he can't afford any more slip ups.
Anyways, Brek had kind of a rough day so please take a minute to wish him happy birthday. I know he'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

This is totally not the images I was looking for and the pixels are terrible. I wanted a picture of this silly doll I saw on good eats with Alton Brown on the food network a long time ago. When you squeeze it the brain get huge. Totally makes me laugh. but these pictures will do in a pinch. Ya'll remember pinky and the brain. I had to use brain because after reading all of your flattering comments on my last post I got myself a big ol' head! LOL! I just can't believe how nice everyone is and I have to say that Mark agrees with all of you. He tells me every day how good I look...which is a nice self esteem booster. It's always a good day when you receive a compliment. On days that I don't get one I can always come read your comments and give myself a big head all over again. :o) I hope you all know I'm kidding. I am deeply grateful and flattered, but I'm not the kind of girl that lets things go to her head. That whole modesty thing is deeply embedded. For those of you that felt inspired to get yourselves in shape, please share your story with me. If you are doing great or struggling I want to hear it so I can be a source of support to you because I know it's not easy. It's a daily battle for me. I had a rough day last week and dang near drove myself to Krispy Creme to buy a whole box on doughnuts that I had no intention of sharing with anyone....I'm honest! It was bad! I got over it and I didn't cave, but let me tell you that your sweet and supportive comments made a difference in my decision. Women need to be a source of support to each other.

Oh my crud! It's almost midnight and I had pictures I wanted to share but my camera battery died. Dang it! I guess that will be my next post.


Diane said...

Happy birthday Brek! It really does say a lot about him to take on so much at such a young age and handle it so well.
Jolene, you make me laugh! The way you say things strikes me as funny all the time. Thanks for that!

Kristan Paolacci said...

Happy Birthday to your boy - can you believe we are old enough to have kids this age ? And what were we doing having so many ? Good thing we love them so much. Thanks for all your inspiration.I really do appreciate it and look forward to it. By the way "love your new profile picture"

Rhona said...

Happy Birthday Brek!!! Jolene, I stopped at three so hats off to you. Wouldn't be without any of mine either

Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Brek!! You make you Mom proud. Have a great day.

Briana said...

Happy Birthday Brek!

And you are definitely "Super Mom" in my book! I don't do that whole pregnancy thing well either and I stopped at 3 kids!

September said...

Hey Chickie,

I LOVE your new profile photo! I noticed it the minute your page loaded. Happy Birthday to Brek, and I'm so proud of your progress.

I can't tell you how much I agree about women needing to be supportive of each other and how much I always appreciate your support. It has always been a disappointment when women who you think will be supportive are not who you think they are. :)



mascanlon said...

Happy Birthday Brek, just because you've gotten older doesn't mean your Mom doesn't see her baby in your face, esepcially on your birthday! I have enjoyed seeing your family arrive and grow and love seeing your Mom's updates. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Coleen said...

Hey my nephew! I know you will have better birthdays! Everyone goes through the same stuff at different times in their life. This is just your turn and you too will get through it. Enjoy your family and I love ya!

Susie Q said...

Happy birthday Brek! You are such a handsome young man with a wonderful family and such a bright future ahead...I wish you joy, peave of heart and mind, love and lots of sweet things to smile about...over and over and over!