Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have a new love...


Interrupting this regularly scheduled program to bring you an important commercial break. A few months ago I bought this pumice scouring bar and I haven't used it until today because I kept forgetting to buy gloves. Anyone who lives in Arizona knows we have hard water and it leaves a real ugly hard water ring in the toilets that makes it look like you never cleaned it when in fact it is and you scrubbed the heck out of it. For some reason I didn't really have this bad of a problem when we lived in Mesa, so Maricopa's water must be really icky. Look at the difference when I was half way done and it didn't take long at all. Its a flippin' miracle!The grinding sound it makes is not pleasant, but the outcome is worth it. I've been needing to clean my filthy house all week, but I've been dealing with some emotional stress lately. I can't clean when I'm sad. It just sucks the life right out of me. However I clean great when I'm mad and a few of my children (which shall remain nameless) have given me all kinds of motivation to clean like a mad woman....Grrrrr...

Pumice stone + gloves + a little elbow grease = one happy girl!

Run...don't walk to the store and get one of these bad boys! can drive if you must. So freaking awesome! I love it! love it! love it!

I'll answer crafty questions next. Promise!

What the heck is up with blogger?...My pictures are ginormous and I can't make them small for the life of me. Oh well, I can't deal with it now.

Back to work!


The Whitsitt Family said...

I'm glad someone else mentioned it. My pictures are huge too. I hope they fix it soon.

Jamie said...

You look so cute in that pictures. :)

Glazier's said...

I'm going to have to buy some of that stuff! My toilets are awful and I clean them too!

Molly said...

Thanks for the tip - I have been looking for something that really works so yes! I will be trying this.
I'm having problems with blogger too - it's frustrating!

familywithfivekids said...

Hi Jolene - sorry I just posted under that last comment from my daughters account - oopps! But it came from me
-Cori Gubler

Diane said...

LOL! Jolene, you are the cutest girl ever! You look adorable and your humor makes me smile everytime I read your blog. I'm going to run to the store and get one of those stones.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....duh! You missed the opportunity of lifetime. Make whoever you're made at scrub the toilet, with not gloves!


Anonymous said...

Okay, that would be "mad" at not "made" and "no" not "not". TGIF!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jolene
I know that feeling when I'm really mad about something or someone and I just have to scrub something otherwise I'm going to do or say something I'll regret. And the best thing is I end up with a clean Bathroom. Keep on scrubbing girl!

Chickenbells said...

I discovered those pumice stones a while back...aren't they incredible?!?!?!

Susie Q said...

You look so adorable in this pictures sweetie.
I haven't seen you in a long while!
I hope you will stop by soon...miss ya!

andrew's mom said...

Awesome job on the potty! Thanks for the tip! I love reading your blog-I've been peeking in for awhile now and figured it's about time for me to make myself known. Thanks for sharing your life in the blogosphere! And way to go on your weight loss-I'm in the same frame of mind right now too and you are an inspiration!

1RadChick said...

I could not live without that pumice stone. Sometimes mine will disappear for a while, which gets frustrating. I'm on like my 3rd or 4th one!

Another thing that totally works, is a flylady (I'm a flyflunky) trick. She says to keep a crock next to the toilet with a squirt of shampoo and water and a brush. Every single day, you brussh and swish the toilet. When I did this faithfully, I never needed the pumice, I think it just never had time to gunk up, I'm not sure. If only the other people in my house would brush and swish, we'd be in a good shape. :)