Monday, May 05, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

Saturday was national scrapbook day and for the first time in months I actually scrapbooked. I had my friend Stacie over with me. I loved having her over. It was so much fun! A couple of others were planning on coming, but things came up. I only got 2 -2 page payouts done because it takes time and effort trying to find your long lost creative mojo again. I'm surprised I ever found it because I had next to no sleep Friday night. This first layout I did for Stacey (one of the young women) I know how important sports are to her so I wanted her to see how amazing she is while doing what she loves. I gave it to her on Sunday and she was beaming with happiness. I'm so glad I did that for her. Since I have no daughters of my own, it has been really special gaining a relationship with all the girls on our ward. They are such terrific girls.

This layout is "US at forty" with the pictures from my 40th birthday in the mountains. The layout is a 1 page 12X12 kit from scrapbooks etc that I turned into a 2 page 8 1/2 X 11 layout using extra supplies.
Thursday we are getting together again and I'm working on pages for my boys.

I forgot to share my handouts from when I taught my lesson last week. It was on "extended family relationships" It went pretty well even though I still really hate teaching. I just don't think it's good that my stomach hurts that much from stress and worry. Then come Sunday morning, I am beyond grumpy so my family suffers as well. In my lesson we discussed the relationships of families in the scriptures as well as what we can do to strengthen the relationships of our own families. I gave them each packets of papers that gave suggestions as well as a cute pedigree chart to fill out. I had a jar of black jelly beans and discussed how boring it would be if we were all the same and had a jar full of colorful jelly beans to represent how wonderful it is that people are different and how they each bring something special. They passed the jars around and snacked during the lesson. I wasn't sure what to do for a handout. I was sitting here looking at my blog and realized I could use my blog title. It says..
"Give a family tree a shake and a few nuts fall out!
That's okay...nuts are good...
You love them all the same!
Make sure all of your family knows how much you love them."
I glued on a cute little wood tree and filled bags with nuts. Folded and stapled to the bags. I know every family isn't perfect and there are a few "nuts", but it is our responsibility to love EVERYONE in the family no matter what. It's not always easy to do, but a sincere effort needs to be made.
Monday is weigh in day on Angie's in shape blog. I've lost 2 pounds this week and 3 last week, so 5 pounds total. It's not enough to "see" yet, but it is enough to keep me motivated to get rid of more. I also realized I've been drinking way more water that I thought. My cup that I drink out of is semi big. Without ice it holds 4 cups, with ice it's 3 cups. (and you know I have to have it with my teeny sonic ice) I usually drink about 4 of those a day. I am LOVING water!!! who knew?! My kids have been drinking my pepsi that's in my mini fridge...which would normally make me mad, but I totally don't care. I don't need it anymore. I NEVER thought that would happen.
Mark called and said I have 4 more getting to know you cards in the mail. I can't wait to see them. I'll share them on my next post! So fun! clear things up. No I'm not mad at ANYONE. I honestly don't try to offend people by not visiting their blogs. Please don't take it personally. I just don't have time to read and comment on 125ish blogs everyday. I wish that I could, but there are not enough hours in the day and I'm sleep deprived as it is. It's not that I don't care because I truly do care about all of you and what's going on in your lives. I do my best to get to several each day when I have spare minutes here and there. I am so grateful for every single comment left on my blog so I completely understand how you all feel. There is a lot going on in my life right now with family, obligations, and numerous other things that I don't bother people with, but trust me when I say it's not a stress free life. My plate runneth over. The other day I was listening to the radio and that song by Trace Adkins - "You're gonna miss this" was playing. It totally made me cry. Not just tears. We're talking full on sobbing. All I could think about was everything I'm missing out on. My family is growing up. My grand kids are growing up. I'm missing it! Service IS important to me and I will always serve, but after girls camp is over I'm re-evaluating just how much I can do. I don't want to be sitting alone in my house years from now as an empty nester with a heavy heart full of regret for all I missed with my family. It's okay to just say NO sometimes.


familywithfivekids said...

What a fun post - everything you are up too is just fantastic! I love the layouts you did and the YW handout. You are so talented and I so appreciate that you share your talents with us so we can see!

Shanna said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE layouts Jolene!

Briana said...

YAY, I hope one of those cards is mine. I sent it out last week!

Love your layouts. Did you happen to find my scrapping mojo with yours?

amydc said...

You are so sweet Jolene!

Jacquie said...

Love that song! Love the message behind it.

You're a good person and you'll find the balance you need, even if you have to say no. It's ok.

September said...

LOL Jolene, It makes me laugh to think that anyone would think YOU were mad at them... :) Of all my friends, you are the one I would least ever expect to behave that way, as you're always so level and graceful. Love, Me

Melissa said...

Unfortunately, National Scrapbook Day came and went at my house with nary a layout in sight. If Santa can bring presents, the Easter Bunny can bring chocolate, and the Tooth Fairy can bring money, why can't their be a scrapbook fairy to bring more time for cropping?

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

How funny... I was just thinking to myself, I bet Jolene is really busy because she hasn't commented on my blog for a while. Then I decided I wanted to check out your blog to see what was up at one of my favorite Aunt's house... and sure enough, I was right. You *are* super busy. Yes, Jolene, sometimes it is okay to say no (though easier said than done). Camp will be great. It will definately get crazier and more stressful before it gets though.

I love your layouts! You are so creative. I wish I had just a drop of your talent.

Andi said...

Your scrapbook layouts are awesome Jolene! I need to get busy and do some more scrapbook pages myself.

Love your lesson on family. Yes, our family deserves our unconditional love...even the "nuts".

I love Trace Adkins song too. I'm sure your family knows you've always been there for them. You do so much for them and for others. I think you blend your giving of yourself perfectly.

bs honey said...

It took me a very long, long time to realize this; but yep, it is okay to say "NO".

Love you blog.

Cecilia said...

Love the Layouts!! Love everything you said! Love your blog!!!!

Diana said...

Jolene... lately I have just realized how unimportant "things" are and just how important our families are. It's ok to say "No". People have to understand. If they don't then they aren't so important in your life to matter anyway.
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in stuff that we just forget about what is important. Family is! The rest is just that stuff!
Take the time for yourself, take the time for those beautiful grand babies, make some time for your brave, handsome, intelligent boys. Then time for you and Mark. Don't wait for when It's too late.
your a great person and everyone who has had contact with you, you help them be better too!
Be proud of who you are, and what you have accomplished in your life!

Susie Q said...

You are the best sweetie...and you should never feel bad about not always getting to visit all the time. I am having that problem now. : (
I love everyone and hate when I can't get around but home and family and life get in the way and SHOULD!!

I love you no matter what!!


Anonymous said...

Jolene, dear, it's okay to say no. It's okay to simplify when you say "yes" too! I do think handouts have a place in YW, but it's not the cute handouts or the candy they'll remember. It's you, and it's the Spirit. I honestly think you gals in AZ have way too much pressure to make things look good--lessons and decorations and handouts. I've never been to a girls camp that was decorated--the trees and nature is decoration enough, I think!

Now, don't take this as a negative comment because it's totally not intended out of anything except love and a little reminder that if you're grumpy with your family before you teach a lesson about family, and it's because of the pressure you're putting on yourself to do things perfectly, then maybe you should step back for just a minute and regain some perspective...kwim? Now, I have definitely had my share of pre-lesson grumps, and I think Satan really tries hard to do anything he can to get us to turn away from the Spirit before we teach, especially YW, because they can feel it.

Now, breathe, relax, smile, eat some chocolate, and Happy Mother's Day!!!! You are loved!!

Miss Jenny said...

K, Jolene-a...what kind of albums do you use for your scrapbooks? I used to scrap my boys were younger, but haven't in years! You are totally inspiring me to start again... Which I will have to start from scratch. But I've gotta do something fun and creative now that I have a girl! A year has already gone by with not a scrapbook to behold! Just wondering the basics of what you like to use. Email me when you can. No hurry. I'm just having fun catching up on all your blogs. The End..of this novel.