Tuesday, February 27, 2007


****EDITED 4:30 p.m.****Still have a queasy tummy and I forgot to tell you that my teeth on the top left side started hurting yesterday too. I braved going out today to the dentist to get it X-rayed and apparently I have a cavity that needs a root canal. Problem is that it's a molar...#15 to be exact and my dentist does not do root canals on molars so he referred me to an Endodontist. I don't have insurance and really can't afford to have this done...especially with the expense of this move. How on earth can I have a cavity that bad, yet feel no pain until yesterday? I really didn't have time for this stomach bug, let alone a root canal. What to do? what to do? For now I'm going to go make some chicken noodle soup. It will be good on my tummy and my mouth. I also have to think about what lesson I'm suppose to be learning from all these trials. Trying hard not to sound like a whiner.

I'm sick...really sick with some kind of stomach bug. Spent all day yesterday in bed doubled over with extreme stomach pain. Then the very icky puking started along with other gross things I don't want to talk about. I'm on a lovely cracker/toast/ice water diet, and very little of that. Just wanted you all to know so you wouldn't worry about why I'm not posting.
Back to bed...or the bathroom!

Friday, February 23, 2007

organized moving

We are officially moving the weekend of March 10th. The end of the boys 3rd quarter at school is the 9th. Then it's spring break and I will go to see Chad from the 14th-19th. Crazy timing. I talked on the phone today to a friend about how stressed and completely un-organized I feel with this move. She gave me some suggestions that flylady uses and so I got to work with my own organized moving notebook. I'm using a 1/2 inch 3 ring binder. I made a cover sheet, a room color chart, and a sheet for each room that has the room, it's color, a column for box numbers and a column for items in each box. I printed them all on cardstock so it will be more durable. I also included a floorplan sheet with color scribbles on each room to tape to the wall so that when people are bringing boxes in they will know which room to take them to. I put a pen and all the sharpie markers in a fannie pack so while I'm packing I can write box #'s on the top and all 4 sides on each box, then write the contents in my book. I decided this was the only way to keep my sanity through this move and save my marriage. (not that it's at risk) Every time we move I get so mad at Mark and usually want to smack him. I would like to avoid those unkind feelings this time around. Men and women just do things differently and women like to be more organized...and well, men don't. Enough said! :o)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tax write off???

I know what you're thinking....where in the world has Jolene gone, right??? I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm still here, just no time to even think clearly. I've been incredibly busy. We've had people look at the house everyday but Sunday, but no offers yet. I hope soon! There is so much to do around here and I haven't even begun to pack. Cody and Cole packed up several boxes from there room. I'm starting to panic a bit. I really want to be moved out before I go see Chad on March 14th, but we have ALOT of CRAP... ummmm.... stuff. It's not just the work that scares me, it's the thought of driving away from my house for the last time that makes my stomach hurt and sends me into an emotional break down. I pray for strength to be able to handle everything that's coming....both physically and emotionally.
Got a call from Cole tonight while we were at the movies celebrating my mom's birthday "reminding" me that his Arizona project was due in the MORNING! HELLO! Makes me crazy...as if my life isn't busy enough. Anyways....when I got home to work on the project I was trying to figure out what we could use to section off the regions, so I got out my Making Memories shimmer glitters for a colorful and sparkly map of Arizona. I'm thinking that we should be able to write off scrapbook supplies when they are used to help with your children's education. Since I'm not an accountant I don't know all the legalities, but it's worth checking into if I could make myself feel a little less guilty about all my purchases.
Speaking of scrapbook supplies...I would love any storage advise from those of you that own acrylic stamps. I have tons of wood mounted stamps, but only have a few sets of the acrylic ones...which by the way, I LOVE! I'm just unsure of a good way to store and organize them. I really like my scrapbook supplies to be organized, so it's bugging me that they are just in a little pile on my desk. I'm also looking for a large/long acrylic block. I only have a small one, so I haven't been able to use all of my stamps yet. I've been able to read a few of your blogs each day. Trying really hard to catch up with all of you. Don't give up on me. :o)
Blogger MADE me upgrade to the new version. What's up with that?!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

We found a house!

Mark and I just got back from Maricopa. We put a little money down to hold a house for us until March. Get this...It's the same basic floorplan as the other one, except the loft is smaller because they put one more bedroom upstairs, so that means my scrapbook room would be downstairs in the den/bedroom. It's still a big room and has a unique shape to it, so it will be interesting to see how I set up in there. I don't like the flooring, blinds or appliances nearly as well as the first house, but at least it's the floorplan I like. There are other things I like better. My favorite thing is the huge walk in pantry. Love that! It is such a relief to know where we are going...I think that's the "nesting" instinct that us women have. I'm still really struggling with the idea of leaving here. At some point everyday I do cry. I'm leaving so many special people and things behind and it breaks my heart, but I have to try to be strong because I have LOTS of work ahead of me and I have to keep it together. Packing party anyone??? :o)
Last night for some unknown reason I let Mark talk me into riding up to Globe to eat at ElReys again. He must have some special power of persuasion over me. It's 72 miles each way and I FROZE my butt clean off....well not OFF because I checked in the mirror and it's still there, but it was numb and I couldn't feel it. Those mountain passes are so dang cold on a motorcycle. After we got there and we had time to eat and defrost I decided heck with how I look...I'm putting on the super suit...aka super fat suit! Even if you are a skinny toothpick girl (which I'm not) you will not look good in this thing...so NOT flattering! It's all about the layers. I was wearing...

under clothes
insulated sweater
leather chaps
leather jacket
belaclava (sp?)- face smotherer
and the super fat suit
All this equals one warm, but not attractive girl on the back of the bike. :o)

I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend. Right now we are going out to celebrate Kyle's birthday. Thank you for all his birthday wishes!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More layouts

Today was a very productive day....days like that feel great! Julie came over and we cleaned like crazy and did laundry for several hours before people were suppose to come look at the house, then we dropped pizza, breadsticks and soda off to Kyle and his friends at school for lunch. Today is his 17th birthday. He was so happy! Then we went shopping for his birthday presents, and had lunch together. We had Cole with us because I kept him home an extra day, but he is doing better now. This afternoon I helped Julie with some stuff, then delivered late valentines to my primary kids, baked a cake, picked up Kyle from school at 6:30 (he is taking extra classes to graduate early), had dinner, then worked on these 2 pages for Chad's birthday album. We are going to celebrate Kyle's birthday on Saturday. He wants to go bowling and to dinner as a family. My boys are all growing up so fast. I so wish time would slow down a bit. I want to enjoy them for as long as I can.
I got the sweetest packages full of goodies and beautiful things in the mail from Andi and Sue. They brought the biggest smile to my face and made my day to know that people really care and think about me. Thank you so much dear friends. Love you sweet ladies!
Off to bed...more people are looking at the house first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

These past few days have been a blur...so busy and so tired! My sister Julie moved back to Arizona, which makes me happy beyond words. She has been over here helping me get this house in better shape to show to prospective buyers. We are no where near done, but making huge progress. We had 3 people look at it on Monday and someone is coming tomorrow. Surely someone will want to buy my sweet house that I love so dearly.
I made heart shaped rice krispy treats for Cole's school class and also for my primary class for Valentine's day, but Cole woke up sick and couldn't go to school. Poor kid REALLY wanted to go, but his body disagreed. I ended up taking his valentines to school and dropping them off, so that he could be included in the exchange. He has slept most of the day and is sleeping now. I'm betting he will be home again tomorrow. (thursday) I still haven't delivered the ones to my class. They will have to get them a day late. I'm only one woman and discovered that I can't do it all...even though I try.
I do have more to talk about, but my brain and my fingers are not working as a team, so I hope to catch up when I am more refreshed. I promise to be a better blogging buddy when this house mess is taken care of. I feel guilty, but can't do anything about it...still love ya'll though. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. :o)
P.S. I think I may have found a house that is a strong contender!...details to come.

Monday, February 12, 2007


This morning we went for Brittany's first ultrasound. The George genes prevail...she is having ANOTHER BOY! :o)
Brittany thought she was having a girl, Brek insisted it was a boy....obviously Brek was just playing the odds. There's no such thing as 50/50 with us. It's more like a 90/10. We are all so happy and especially happy that little John Ray George appears to be perfectly healthy. (Named after Brittany's dad and Mark's dad) I couldn't get the ultrasound photo's to upload. We did find out the due date was off. She is now due August 8th instead of July 19th, so the babies will be 11 months apart instead of 10 1/2. I think baby Mark is pretty darn excited about being a big brother. :o)
I wanted to clarify my last post. I don't want you to think I'm depressed about losing the rental house. Yes, I was disappointed because I loved it, but I've been though so much lately that I know that God has a plan and when the right house is there, He will make things fall into place. We are doing all we can to keep the faith and Mark is working SO hard. We know money is out there, because we've done the work. It will come in...hopefully sooner than later. We have not once asked for a handout. Borrowing money only puts you further in debt anyways. It's important to us to get through this trial ourselves...and with help from Heavenly Father. It's really the only way to grow. Believe me when I say this hasn't been an easy lesson. I pray that my house sells quickly. Everything WILL turn out okay eventually...I KNOW it will. :o)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

and the winner is....plus other stuff :o)

I typed up all 52 names and put them in a bucket, gave them a good shake, closed my eyes and drew out a name. The winner is Chickenbells aka Sadira!!! Congratulations! Send me your address and I will ship the box out on Monday. :o)
I hope you all continue to read even though you didn't win. If I was loaded I would send you ALL a gift....honest! Thank you all so much for commenting. It was so great to read all of them and learn that we all feel very much the same. It's a great thing.

Today was bitter sweet. The for sale sign went up in the yard. This has been really difficult for me emotionally. We've had 3 people look at the house so far, even though it's REALLY not in look through condition. We also lost the rental house. We were approved for it, but didn't have the money to get in it yet, so he had to rent it to someone else. I do understand that, but I'm sad. :o( We're still looking in Maricopa because it's more affordable.
My friend Cindy came by today with this HUGE basket of yummy goodies. I was SO surprised and touched by that. She had heard what I've been going through and wanted me to know she cared. What could be better than loving supportive friends?!

The kittens have decided that their new favorite place is my bedroom window. They love the wind on their face a the high view for bird watching. I find them here all the time, so I have to pull the blinds up to keep them from crawling in them....they are so cute!

Cole had blue and gold banquet for scouts on Thursday night. It was an aloha theme. They always have a cake decorating contest. We planned on making a cake that has a beach and ocean scene, but I couldn't find the plastic hawaiian people anywhere. While searching through Wal-Mart a mere 3 hours before pack meeting I spotted the sand pail and decided on a new plan. We baked a double cake, cut it up, frosted each layer, stacked them in the pail, then topped it with crushed graham crackers so it would look like a bucket of sand. Poked the shovel in and set in a couple of sea shells. The kids scooped it out with the shovel. They loved it! Cole won for most creative.

oh oh oh! I just got a text from Chad. They moved him to a new squad. He said he will call me Sunday with details. Yippee!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One year anniversary

One year ago today I started my blog. While browsing through the past year of my archives, my heart was so full and I found myself feeling so grateful for deciding to do this thing I thought was so crazy. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogging! I can look back and be so thankful for preserving so many memories. A few were sad, but most were very happy fond memories. If any of you have time to kill you want to take a quick browse through my archives and see what all you've missed. No...you don't have to read everything, just get a glimpse.
As a thank you to all my new found dear blogging friends, I am having a special give away drawing. Included in this box is a plush pink puppy, a teddy bear, note pad and pen for your purse, heart shaped cinnamon altoids tin, a jar full of assorted buttons, a big symphony candy bar with almonds and toffee bits, a blank rusty pickle calendar/daytimer book for you to make and alter. It has the cover, the pages, the tab pages and the month labels. 4 handmade cards with envelopes, brads, and a jar of assorted colored prima flowers. If you would like to be in the drawing just leave a comment telling me why you love to blog or why you love reading blogs. I will be drawing a winner this weekend! Now come out of hiding a comment for me...Good luck ladies! :o)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Salt, pepper and photoshop

My blogging buddy Teresa sent me these cute little frog salt and pepper shakers for a valentines surprise...how sweet is that?! It's just so nice that she remembered that I collect them. She says they are not very cute, but I think they fit nicely into my collection. Thank you so much Teresa! I love them!My friend Paula gave me these milk can ones for Christmas. Cute, huh?! Ignore the dust. I don't know how it gets so dusty inside a cupboard that has glass doors anyways. Apparently I have lots of cleaning to do today. Heck, I still haven't finished cleaning up from the party here Sunday. I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow, so she can fix this thing in my back that's making it hard to move and breathe deep.
Aarrrggg! These pirates are my boys favorite set of salt and pepper shakers. They were my grandma's. I did end up with a few out of her collection. In totally I only have around 30 sets so far. They really are fun and cheap to collect, so I always have my eyes open.

I have guilt...yes...buyers guilt, because I'm on a shopping diet. Last week I bought photoshop elements 5.0. While I was at Sam's Club grocery shopping it sat there on the shelf, so lonely because it was the last one. I swear it was talking to me. "Jolene...get me out of here...take me home. I can teach you so many new things. We'll be fast friends." Then it leaped into my cart and hid under the croissants so I wouldn't be tempted to stash it on some random shelf while finishing my list. It then hurried itself into the cashiers hands and over the bar code beeper and leaped back ito the cart. It felt kind of like saving a poor little puppy from the pound. It took several days to get the courage up to actually open the box. Yesterday I installed it and that's as far as I've gone. I'm too scared to try it. I need help! I wish someone would come over here and help me. If I play with a picture and I totally make a mess of it does that take the place of the original or is it a copy? Same question if I turn a picture to black and white...I'd still want a color version. I know NOTHING about this program and I hate not knowing....makes me feel less than smart.
I talked to Chad last night. He was in the hospital again. His squad leader is a HUGE jerk and for some reason doesn't like him and one other guy. (both E-1's) He's always being mean to him and smoking him everytime he sees him (smoking is a term they use when they make them do push up and stuff...boot camp stuff) All the other squad leaders and platoon leaders really like Chad and can't figure out why this guy treats him like crap. Everyone sees how awful he is to him. The reason Chad ended up in the hospital is because this leader told Chad to do his laundry for him and Chad refused. He told him that he has to obey his orders when it comes to training, but in no way is he his servant. So this guy made him stand for a really long time until Chad finally blacked out and fell over and hit his head. He was out for 10-15 minutes. Chad also told me that 2 weeks ago he pinned him up against a wall and CHOKED him. That makes me SO MAD! They are working on getting him moved to a different squad because Chad doesn't trust him....and neither do I. These soldiers are here voluntarily and shouldn't be treated this way. Boot camp is over as well as all the mind games that came with that. The other guy gives into the idiot and makes his coffee every morning, but neither one of them could watch the superbowl. EVERYONE else did. The other sergeants couldn't believe it and they don't like this sergeant either. He had better get moved today or heads are going to roll. These boys are there to train for a pretty scary job ahead of them and shouldn't be messed with by their own people. If I meet this guy when I go to NC next month, we WILL be having words. Can you tell I'm upset about this?!
By the way Andi...He got your package yesterday. He said thank you very much...he really loves everything! All the guys thought the M&M's were so cool!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baby Mark's blessing day

Brek Brittany and baby Mark
(Brek had taken off his nice Sunday shirt)
Mark...5 months old already
Mark, Brek, baby Mark and Marks mom, Sharon
Today is one of those days that you hope you always remember, because it's one of the significant events that you celebrate with family. We blessed baby Mark today. For those of you wondering what that means, in my faith...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormons, baptism happens when one turns eight years old so as infants, we give them a special blessing at church. Most of the time they are younger than 5 months. It's a very special occasion for families, and a time that we all get together and celebrate the birth of the child. Today in church baby Mark was given a blessing by his Grandpa Mark. Usually it's done by the father if he holds the Melchizedek Priesthood. Brek does not have that yet, so Mark did it. Hopefully when the next baby comes, Brek will be able to bless him or her. It was a lovely blessing. Later, Brek did get up and share his testimony. The spirit was here today. After church everyone came over and I fed them a huge feast like I always do. I would love to share pictures of my beautiful delicious spread, but they ate it before I could get a picture. I did take some other pictures today, but I had Coleen's camera in hand, so I don't have them. It really was a special day.
After eating and visiting with everyone we had the excitement of an upstairs toilet overflowing and having water pouring out of two light fixture into the family room and the store room. Good thing we have a carpet cleaning truck outside. The hooked it up and dragged the hoses in to suck up the water and put fans in to dry it out. Then the superbowl started. I watched the first hour (loved the blockbuster commercial with the rabbit,guinea pig and the mouse...totally laughed out loud!) After that I went to bed and slept for 3 hours. My whole body hurts. You know when you get that feeling that you know you're not well. Well that's me. I'm really achey and don't feel good, but I wanted to share my day before I headed back to bed! Congratulations to the Colts on their big superbowl win!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Layouts for Chad

Tonight I decided to de-stress and work on Chad's birthday album. I really like the simplicity of these two pages. Just used bazzill cardstock, Rhonna Farrer stamps with embossing ink and white embossing powder, a white pen and a teeny clock. Gosh...my boy sure is handsome! They are so darn cute together! I had to include a family picture so he can look at us when he's lonely. By the way, for those of you sending him care packages who wanted ideas. He did mention that he would love DVD movies that he can watch on his laptop. You know...they have those cheap ones at Wal-Mart. He likes action, comedy and sports movies really a lot....like Angels in the outfield, Field of dreams, Rudy, etc. Just not rated R. Thanks so much ladies!
Chad sent me money, because he wants me to fly out to Fort Bragg with Sandy in March. So tomorrow I will be buying a ticket. I'm very nervous about it. Not just because I'm under enormous stress here at home, but I don't travel much. I just know that I'd be so full of regret if I didn't go see my boy. We would leave March 14th so we can see him when he is released at 12:01 on the 15th. We'd stay in a hotel for his 96 hour pass. My birthday is on the 16th. (that will be weird not celebrating it with Mark) I have no idea what we will do while we're there. Then he will take us to the airport at 11:00 p.m. on the 18th, but our flight doesn't leave until 5:55 a.m. on the 19th so we'd be spending all night in an airport in North Carolina. That REALLY freaks me out...SERIOUSLY! The lack of sleep will kill me I'm sure, but I can't fall asleep in front of people...one, because it creeps me out and two, because I snore...loud...like a big old man with a cold...very embarrassing!