Saturday, February 10, 2007

and the winner other stuff :o)

I typed up all 52 names and put them in a bucket, gave them a good shake, closed my eyes and drew out a name. The winner is Chickenbells aka Sadira!!! Congratulations! Send me your address and I will ship the box out on Monday. :o)
I hope you all continue to read even though you didn't win. If I was loaded I would send you ALL a gift....honest! Thank you all so much for commenting. It was so great to read all of them and learn that we all feel very much the same. It's a great thing.

Today was bitter sweet. The for sale sign went up in the yard. This has been really difficult for me emotionally. We've had 3 people look at the house so far, even though it's REALLY not in look through condition. We also lost the rental house. We were approved for it, but didn't have the money to get in it yet, so he had to rent it to someone else. I do understand that, but I'm sad. :o( We're still looking in Maricopa because it's more affordable.
My friend Cindy came by today with this HUGE basket of yummy goodies. I was SO surprised and touched by that. She had heard what I've been going through and wanted me to know she cared. What could be better than loving supportive friends?!

The kittens have decided that their new favorite place is my bedroom window. They love the wind on their face a the high view for bird watching. I find them here all the time, so I have to pull the blinds up to keep them from crawling in them....they are so cute!

Cole had blue and gold banquet for scouts on Thursday night. It was an aloha theme. They always have a cake decorating contest. We planned on making a cake that has a beach and ocean scene, but I couldn't find the plastic hawaiian people anywhere. While searching through Wal-Mart a mere 3 hours before pack meeting I spotted the sand pail and decided on a new plan. We baked a double cake, cut it up, frosted each layer, stacked them in the pail, then topped it with crushed graham crackers so it would look like a bucket of sand. Poked the shovel in and set in a couple of sea shells. The kids scooped it out with the shovel. They loved it! Cole won for most creative.

oh oh oh! I just got a text from Chad. They moved him to a new squad. He said he will call me Sunday with details. Yippee!!!


Leah said...

Sorry to hear about the rental, but that just means there's something better!

Love the cake idea.. that is great.

Chris said...

Dang about the house, but they build so many the same it shouldn't, be hard to find comparable one.
Boo Hoo on the sign but its just a change in life, there are more things more important. Cool Cake Cole, you are so lucky to have a super creative mom.

velvet brick said...

HOORAY FOR CHICKENBELLS! What a wonderful treat for her week!!
Hang tight, Jolene...the right house for you and your family will come to you when it's right! Loved the kitties, Cole and the cakes!
Have a wonderful week! : )

Cassandra said...

Your kittens are so cute! That's funny how they lined up in the window like that!

Sorry about the house. There is nothing more stressful than preparing for a move...and then not know where you are going. That happened to us when we sold our condo. It will all work out the way it's supposed too, just have faith.

I'm so glad that Chad got less thing for you to worry about!

Jacquie said...

Awww your kittens are soooo cute lined up like 3 little birds. The sand pail cake what a cool idea!! The pig with the apple is cute also.

Chickenbells said...

Holy toleedo...maybe my luck is looking up?! I am really excited about my good fortune...and since I feel so good about it, I will be sending all the good thoughts to you in the search for the perfect house...(and an email to you too!)

Leona said...

So sorry about the rental. Maybe another one will come up soon. I just love cats they are so much fun..Glad to here that Chad got moved. Have a great day!

Kassie said...

Hey Jolene, So sorry about the rental house. Remember the Lord moves in mysterious ways and usually in His own good time. Something will turn up just in time for you I bet. Cute cats and what a fun idea for a cake.
Just a quick thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm lame and just barely read them tonight. Didn't even know they were there. I appreciate your friendliness. That's why you have such great friends, because you are a great friend.
Oh, and hooray on the unit transfer for Chad. My BIL is National Guard and I feel for you.

Valerie said...

that is wonderful news about Chad!!

the cake is adorable, too...i'll send up a prayer or two or three that you find the perfect house for y'all...hang in there, sweetie!

Andi said...

I would say that cake is definitely the "most creative"! How you came up with that is beyond me but that is too cool for words! Cole looks so cute in his Scout uniform. I actually remember when my brothers had their Blue and Gold dinners when they were in Scouts...and that was many years I'm glad to see the tradition is still going strong.

So glad to hear Chad it being moved to another Unit. Be sure and let everyone know when and if his address changes because I know there are bloggers out here wanting to send him cards, etc.

Sorry your rental house fell through but there are many more homes out there. It will all work out my friend.

Jen said...

Of course we continued to read even though we didn't win, it's not about you giving something away silly girl.

Cute idea with the pail and graham cracker, very cute!!

Good for Chad. No one should be treated that way, let's hope the creep can't get to him somehow. Urgh!

I will wish you luck in the selling and searching of new homes.

Hey, BTW, last night on our local news they shared an article from Mens Health or Mens Fitness of the fattest and slimmest US cities and Mesa made one of the fattest, so good thing you're moving, LOL

Take care, t hanks for the positive comments and RR gets on my nerves too. She's snippy, and at times very rude

Jen said...

Forgot to mention...the kitties are beautiful and what luck you had getting them to all look at you, lol

Sheila said...

I can imagine it can be quite a bit emotional seeing the for sale sign, but I'm sure everything will work out. I love the pics of the kitties. That's cute how they all looked at the same direction at the same time!

TK Angels said...

Cngrats for Chickenbell-love that name. The cats are adorable. Glad you heard from Chad.

I know you love your house-and it really has to be sad to see the For Sale sign up-then the rental falling through. But it will work out. You know it always does with faith, etc.

How neat for Cole. He is handsome in his cub scout uniform. My husband was a cub scout- he called it crub scrouts :)

Take care and have a great Sunday.

Briana said...

Congrats ChickenBell!

YAY for Chad being moved to a new group! Bet that's a huge relief for both of you.

Love Cole's dirt cake! I used to make those all the time when I was little. COngrats on his win!

So sorry you haev to look out your window and see that for sale sign out there. Must be very hard for you. But I bet you'll find something even better and you'll make it just as homey.

Caroline said...

I love that cake. You are so creative. Yea on Chad getting moved to a different squad. I know that puts your heart at ease a little.

Heather said...

Oh I am sorry that the rental didn't work out...but stay positive...I know it has to be tough right now. Something else good will come along very soon! Keep your chin up! I love the cake! What a clever idea! You are so talented! That would be a cool idea to do for Mallory's birthday party....maybe do small individual ones....hmmm...I will have to ponder that! Thanks for sharing!

Susie Q said...

Congratulations dear Chickenbells!! What a bounty!
Oh you silly, silly girl....I would read your blog every day if I had to pay for it! : ) It always makes me smile...I LOVE the George family.
We are all so glad that Chad has a new squad. Please let us know what happens... Bill was really upset for Chad. Unfortunantly, things like that happen but there are ways to deal with it...even when they don't tell you there are! *smile* I am so relieved for Chad and for you!

The cats are so precious...I hope to get a picture of Lucy and Henry together...once she allows it! She is getting more tolerent of him as time goes on!

Congrats to Cole! What a great idea and so well done! He is another creative and talented George!

The right house will come your way! It WILL. We are al praying and sending good thoughts...

Love and hugs,

patti_cake said...

Sorry to hear about the rental but the above poster is right. It does just mean something different and better for you!
I LOVE that cake! Man you are creative. I bet you are super in a crisis.
Very glad to hear your son has been changed to a different squad. I can't like bullies. :(

mn mom said...

Jolene, I loved the cake in a bucket! You are so talented and creative! Way to go Cole, and yeah for Chad!! See, all of our prayers together are paying off! Now we will just refocus to the house - I know a good Saint I will start praying to for you! You are a beautiful person and a wonderful mom... good things will happen! Take care, Amy =)

Amy Mowbray said...

Oh Jolene, I'm so sorry you guys didn't get the house.

Pam said...

I'm so sorry you lost the rental!

Those kittens are too cute!

I'm sooooo happy Chad got moved!

kirsten said...

I"m totally amused that the real estate agent's name is Clay Clayton (basically) ... Clay C. Layton = Clay Clayton .. or probably better yet Clayton Clayton!