Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pictures from Utah

Pictures as promised. Not in any particular order. Just some highlights from our time in Utah. I had my root canal least the first part. I hurt and have been in bed ever since. Feeling a little bit better. With being out of town, then out of comission, I've fallen way behind on blog reading. I hope to catch up soon. First I have to prepare for my neice's baby shower this weekend.
Here is a list of places we saw...
  • Temple the day and at night..gorgeous!
  • Nick and Corilynn's wedding and reception...loved it!
  • Trolley square...Mark remembered it being bigger
  • Wanted to go to crossroads mall, but it was GONE!
  • Thanksgiving point...beautiful there! Walked a lot, shared a yummy banana split, bought an ornament for the tree. Mark took several pictures of my hiney there. I spared us all the pain of seeing those.
  • Deseret book many cool things
  • Several places out to eat...our favorite was Cafe' Rio...ate there twice!
  • Heather D Whites house (pictures to come on a later post)
  • Mark's favorite cousin Jeff's house who just adopted a beautiful baby girl.
  • Mark's grandma's nursing home and her church...She is a special woman. Miss her so much!
  • Kanosh (Mark's hometown) loved seeing his old home and farmland. Oh how I love farmland and farming equipment.
  • Historic Cove neat!
  • Loved seeing the colorful trees everywhere we went. Seasons are a good thing!


Kim said...

Your pictures made me so "homesick" for Utah. We lived there for 6 years before moving here to FL. I loved Trolley Square. We used to go to Crossroads Mall and I was sorry to hear that it was gone. Lehi Mills is a great place to shop for cool Xmas gifts. How cool that you got to meet Heather D. White. I read her blog all the time. How cool. Thanks for sharing your pictures. THey brought back many happy memories.

Kimberly said...

Your pictures are so great..makes me want to visit Utah one day.

Valerie said...

i'm SO sorry you're having a bad time with the root canal! so here's hoping you feel better very soon.

love your photos as always, what a slice of Americana! gah, but i would LOVE to visit Utah..the whole thing!!

Nikki *Ü* said...

OH....MY...GOSH!!! Mark is from Kanosh????? LOL K, my grandma grew up in Kanosh and her brother still owns the house. Plus my a couple of mom's cousins live there too!! And you were at Heather's house too?? I can't believe neither of you told me about this!! LOL I would have driven out to see you that day too!! I love that you took so many pictures of what I think of as everday things - Trax, Trolley Square, Lehi Roller Mills. Oh, and Cafe Rio?? My favorite!!! I think I need to eat there tomorrow. LOL So sorry about the root canal. I had to have 2 done shortly before I got married and remember them being miserable!! I hope you feel better soon!! (((HUGS)))

Briana said...

You got some really great shots!

Wendy said...

Glad you had a good time in Utah. I love it there, it's so clean!

Hope your mouth is feeling better.
Nothing fun about a root canal.

Happy Friday!

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures, Jolene! It tooks like you had a great trip!

Kim said...

Great pictures! You alway take the best pictures. I hope you feel better soon.

patti_cake said...

Beautiful pictures! Yep seasons ARE a good thing!

Pam said...

What fab photos! My favorites are the temple at night, you and Mark and the log buildings with the vibrant yellow trees! Awesome!

Kassie said...

Jolene, those are some amazing photos. Glad you had an enjoyable trip. Sorry about the painful root canal.
Cafe Rio is my favorite eating place. It's worth the wait in line!

Jeanette said...

Jolene -
Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I've never been to Utah but I sure want to go now!
I'm sorry about your root canal, hope you're feeling better quickly!

~Telah said...

You took such beautiful pictures. Utah is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon.

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

Great pictures! Incredible night shot of the is always so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!