Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas card express

***Edited at bottom***

The Christmas card making process is well under way. I work on them in my spare minutes, which is few these days. I worked for several hours tonight since these pictures were taken yesterday. I think I now have a total of 98 done out of 300. That is just the front and the message on the inside. I still don't have my pictures ordered yet. I hope to get that done at some point this weekend. (maybe) The ones in the box on the left are not done. Those are just the cardstock that is cut and folded. Let me just say that punching out 300 scalloped circles and cutting 300 smaller circles is not at the top of my list of fun things to do. Still have lots to cut! It's seriously crazy around here. I'll give you a little bit of my agenda for the past couple of days and the few days coming.

  • Tuesday...normal busy stuff around the house, pick up boys early from school so I can get to my endodontist appointment and get them to a birthday party in town. Huge traffic problem in Maricopa. Literally couldn't get out of town. I had to do some off roading to find a short cut so that I could back track to the town in the opposite direction because that was the only way out of here. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to drive what normally takes 45 minutes. UGG! Drop my kids off, go finish up my root canal. so not fun!, pick up the rest of my Christmas card paper that was on back order, pick up the boys, drive home LATE!
  • Today...had a turkey delivered to me that I'm suppose to cook tomorrow for a church dinner the youth are serving at. Problem is it's a 24 pound frozen solid bird that would normally take at least 4 days to defrost. I don't have time to deal with it because I have to get Cole to town to fill his teeny cavity. They also decide to clean his teeth while we are there. We run to walmart because living out in Maricopa I rarely get to go to walmart and we are out of important things like toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, boys shampoo, cereal etc. Then we go to home depot to buy some wood for some projects I'm working on for young women. Their saw is broken and my saw wont cut fat wood. Sigh! We go to Brek and Brittany's so baby Mark could get a Priesthood blessing from his grandpa's because he's getting circumcised in the morning. He didn't get it done when he was born because of all the problems he had at birth. Poor guy is not going to be a happy camper. Mark gives me checks to deposit. The banks in Mesa are closed so I high tail it back to Maricopa and get my deposit in just before 7:00. whew! We buy pizza for dinner, I try to figure out how to defrost a turkey FAST! Currently it's taking a cold bath in my sink that needs to have it's water changed frequently. It should take 12 hours or so to be ready for the oven. My friend Nicole comes over and keeps me company while I do dishes and work on cards.
  • Tomorrow (Thursday)... Need to cook a turkey that I pray will be defrosted safely, my visiting teachers are coming over in the morning, I still need to go to town to a home depot who's saw is working. Be at the Church by 5:00 with a bird that better be juicy and delicious and help the youth serve dinner and clean up.
  • Friday...need to prepare my lesson, make handouts, finish bishops project, get my boys to youth conference. Go on a date with my hubby!
  • Saturday...get Cole to his primary program rehursal/party, go to youth conference in casa grande...helping with the lunch, dinner and supervising the dance. Come home and fall in bed
  • Sunday...go to church, teach my lesson, come home, make lunch, decided which of the 3 things that are on my calender that I can actually attend that night. Still not sure which one it will be. All are important.
  • Monday...perhaps I will not even get out of bed! hee...hee...
  • So many things to do....all good things, so it's okay! :o)
  • There will be typos in this post. Too tired to care or fix them. Off to bed! Hugs to all!

****Edited to respond to an anonymous comment****

I DO enjoy making my Christmas cards every year. I only said I didn't enjoy the circle punching part. I don't think those punches were meant to cut 300 times. It was really difficult at the end with the scalloped punch...even for Mark to do. My other circle punch has been really stiff so we had to use the CM circle cutter, which is easy to use when doing a few, but in large quantities, it is a little painful. If I didn't enjoy making cards I wouldn't make them. I also don't do it in hopes to receive cards from others because I only receive a small percentage of what I mail out. I'm not saying I don't like getting them, because I really do. They always make me smile and I proudly display them, but giving is what makes me happy. To me it's part of sharing the Christmas spirit and love with my friends and family. That is priceless!


Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh my goodness!! You're busy!! I hope things go well with the turkey! And your cards!! I still can't believe you do this many!! Good luck with getting them all done!! I'm overwhelmed looking at your box. LOL Maybe try the FlyLady 15 minutes at a time thing?? LOL I hope all goes well with Baby Mark's circ. No fun!! I HATED having to hear my little guy scream bloody murder when he had his done and he was only a few days old!!!

Amie said...

Wow I love your chrissy card design... you are so sweet making so many of them! I remember last year I had only just started reading your blog and I was just dumbfounded at you making so many cards :o)

You are one busy girl, hope it settles down for you soon..
Amie xx

Kim said...

WOW, Jolene. Your days sound just like mine. RUN RUN RUN. It's never ending....My biggest complaint though is that all I do is run around vs. sit so why aren't those calories burning off quicker? hehe.

I love your Christmas cards. So cute. 300???? WOW. That's a lot of cards! But they are beautiful.

Prayers going up for Baby Mark.

Pam said...

ACK! I need a nap just from reading your list! ;)

Have one of those sweet boys of your punch some circles for you! :)

Your cards are gorgeous! I love that tree paper, who makes it?

Wendy said...

I have been waiting to see your cards this year, I love hearing all about them.
I love the righting on the circle.

Great Job as usual

OH and slow down you are making me tired!!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Briana said...

My goodness Super Woman! How do you do it all!? People think I'm going to have my hands full once Baby Olive arrives, but you have FIVE kids and all these other commitments! You are my hero.

(And those cards look beautiful! I still have the one you sent me last year, it's hanging in my office/scrapbook room.)

Briana said...

P.S. If you want to email me your new address (I only have your old Mesa one) I'll put you on my card list!

Kimberly said...

You wore me out just reading what u are up too, so I bet u are pooped! Hope you have a great weekend.

bs honey said...

Goodness, you make me tired. Try, if you can, and slow down. It's holiday time. You need to be kinda' rested and to feel good. Holidays are fun, only if you are rested enough to enjoy your family.
I know what you are thinking, "now, that's easy for her to say." It's not. I just learned how to say no (for myself and for my family), and to find the priority. I feel better and my family is happier. So I'm not sorry.
Happy holiday's

Anonymous said...

so why are you making Christmas cards? Especially if it is not fun for you. seems like that is just one more thing to do. . .

Teresa said...

Hey Jolene, I just wanted you to know that I just read that comment someone left for you.... All I can say is "What a BUTT"..... Or a "GRINCH"....... People like that make me so mad.... I ran into a very rude lady last week at Wal-Mart....

Girl, I wanted to let you know that I visit your blog each and everyday and I think all of the things you do are wonderful.... You are such a giving person and you have given me the inspiration to try my hand at making my own Christmas Cards this year (about 75 of them) I always try to do something crafty at this time of year other then my Doggie Bows (I do them everyday)..... I will be sharing my idea on my blog very soon.....

Oh while I'm writing you, can you send me your new mailing address as I only have your old one...

Have a wonderful day,

PS... My email address is

Spencer Family said...

Sounds like you are done with the circle punching part (yay!). I did a two layer circle on our christmas cards last year and luckily I only had to do 50 or I would have been sore too! One thing I remember from my days working in a scrapbook store is if a punch starts to get not so punchy anymore, take a sheet of aluminum foil and punch a couple times. The foil is supposed to sharpen the punch again. You might double check with your local ss but if I remember correctly that was what we were taught. Your cards look beautiful and give me motivation to go start mine. Thanks for sharing!

familywithfivekids said...

Your Christmas cards are beautiful! You will be blessing 300 very lucky families this holiday season as they open up your handmade greeting.
Love, Cori

Jeanette said...

Jolene -
Your Christmas cards look beautiful! But then you always make really cool cards. The other night when I was reading your blog, even hubby said, "Oh, Jolene's the one who sends us a Christmas card isn't she?" Even he is impressed with not only your cards but your sharing nature!

chrisg said...

Hey jo...I have had troubles logging on so haven't for a long time. but finally took the time to get it right (and changed my identity too). Can't wait to get your card, always a keeper. You are doing great in YW. Morgan is jealous you aren't her leader : )

September said...

Your Silhouette, dude, it would have totally cut out both kinds of circles. Call me next time, and we will work through it. We really do need to find a weekend and I'll come down. Seriously.... otherwise, you'll never use it and it would SO make your cards way easier... :)


restyled home said...

Good for you for responding to the naysayer!! I believe as you do: do only what brings you joy, or at least brings others joy, because it IS worth it...even though it sometimes tires us out!!

Now, go put your feet up and have a cup of tea...!!!


Jacquie said...

Wowzers I'm pooped just reading that!

Your cards look fabulous already. You as usual have such talent and a creative mind.

wendster said...

Hi Jolene! I just got caught up on your blog. My hubby is out tonight and I am using his laptop since my computer is off and on reliability wise. WOW! What great Christmas cards! Amazing dedication. All I think when I see that is what a giver you are. You know how happy it makes people to receive something beautiful and you are willing to go all out to include every one .. . even the people who don't send them to you. You are so kind! And I love your stamp holder, your trip photos, the baby photos (that baby is getting so big!) the motorcycle ride photos, and ouchy about your root canal! and great hand outs for your girls, and such cute halloween decorations and I can totally relate to men not understanding what we keep and what we throw out! Oh my gosh! don't get me started. I collected leaves from across the United States, ironed them between waxed paper, laid them carefully ON TOP of everything so they wouldn't get squished, and my husband crushed them beyond recognition by stacking boxes on them! He has destroyed so much garage stuff, so I can TOTALLY understand your feeling upset over that. What else? I bet your first lesson was great. And I know the young women loved it. Gosh ... what else? Oh yes! Such a cute baby shower! And you could TOTALLY have a catering business! You are all about presentation, and I have seen photos of what you cook ... it looks super ... and that's all a catering business needs. And you totally know how to run your own business because you already run one! Nuff said. That's handled. Hope that the kitchen finally aired out from the lacquering of the stamp holder. LOL. Sounds like something I would do (did) when I painted the bathroom ACCIDENTALLY with EXTERIOR PAINT instead of INTERIOR PAINT. Oh my gosh! My niece and I had such HUGE head aches. We painted that bathroom for three days straight because we were muraling ... using the exterior paint as our base. wow.
OK. Enough out of me. I have missed you! Stop by when you get a chance!

~Telah said...

You are one busy woman, Jolene! I vote to stay in bed on Monday myself. :)

Jen said...

300 circles would be a bit time consuming and wrist wrenching too :) Keep on cutting Jolene!

patti_cake said...

Jolene, I'm going to call you Buzzy because you are like a busy Bee!
Ignore rude anonymous comments :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Jolene -

I stumbled across your blog about a year ago (from 2peas) and I just love it! I check often to catch up with you, check on Chad, watch the babies growing, and see what you are up to! You are such an inspiration to me! I am so impressed by your organization, your creativity, your humor and your kindness! I truly want to be you when I grow up (although we are the same age)! I LOVE your Christmas card. I must say I have been anxiously waiting to see it - thanks for posting. You keep up the good work - you are really an inspiration to us all!

God bless-
Brandi White

Kassie said...

I'm tired after reading your to-do list. I'm not sure how you keep up with it all, but if it makes you happy, go for it.
Hope you get/got your turkey done in time and that Youth Conference is a good time.

Anonymous said...


velvet brick said...

I am sitting here wiped out from all of YOUR energy, girlfriend!! I love, LOVE the card...the paper with the trees is just too nice!! Enjoy your punching... and chalk scrooge's visit up to some bad egg nog!
; )

Andi said...

Whew!!! I'm out of breath just reading about all the things you do!!!

Love, love, love the Christmas cards!!! Maybe I'll be inspired to get busy on mine this weekend...and then maybe I'll purchase cards to send again this year instead. This I know for sure...I'll be sending cards...but not 300!!!

Valerie said...

i KNEW you would come up with a design!

and goodness - i'm so sorry you have to defend yourself to someone who apparently never got a handcramp making Christmas cards!
grrr...don't mess with my girlie!

Caren said...

Jolene - try using some aluminum foil to sharpen up your punch! Cards are awesome! C

Diane said...

You have such a generous loving spirit. Your cards are so beautiful and those who receieve them will cherish the effort you put into them.

Susie Q said...

Okay, now I am pooped! You are the most amazing lady dear Jolene!! I do not know how you do it all. You are one of my inspirations! And those cards are pure treasures. You create art and it is art to be treasured.

I loved catching up with all your wonderful trip photos and the boys!! How sweet are they??

You are just sheer energy and poetry in motion! I admire you so much!

Love ya,

Amy said...

Hang in there girl! Like I have said many times before, YOU are simply amazing. You are in my constant thoughts & prayers, even if I don't get a chance to comment often. You affect and help many peoples lives for the better! Take care of yourself! Amy - MN mom

Cassandra said...

Love the cards! I won't have time to make ours this year - hopefully next year. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I haven't really had time to comment on anyones blog, but I am still reading and love keeping up with you and your family!