Tuesday, July 03, 2007


GRRRRR....I still can't blog from my computer and I've been trying for a couple of days to blog from this (Mark's) computer, but it's not letting me upload any pictures STILL. Ya'll know how I feel about posts without pictures on my blog. Makes me nuts! So as your reading this boring post just try to imagine the cute pictures that could go along with it. :o)
Kyle finally got his drivers permit. Poor guy failed it twice and was too upset to go take it again. He put several months in between each test. While he was in the room doing the test my stomach was so nervous for him because I knew how important it was to him and how it would crush him to fail it again. He just really has a hard time with tests. My prayers were answered when he walked out with a HUGE smile on his face. I was so happy for him. There was another boy in there taking it for the third time as well and he passed too, so it was a good day for the both of them.

(imagine a cute picture of Kyle holding his permit)

Friday Mark and I went to go get in the new car for date night and the remote wouldn't unlock the doors. He used the key to unlock it and the alarm went off. He tried to put it in the ignition to disarm the alarm and no power whatsoever. We tried everything. We are still not sure why the anti theft was activated, but putting the key in should override it. Mark called Chevy and talked to several people over the next 2 hours...most of which had no clue what they were talking about. One lady actually said "maybe your battery in your remote is dead. They really don't last very long" Mark was like "Lady! The car is 2 days old, do you really think both remotes would die at the same time. My suburban remote is 10 years old and it still works. Put someone on the phone who know what their talking about." UGGG Seriously....nobody could help us. Finally they decided to send us a tow truck to pick it up. By this time Mark was livid from continually being disconnected every time they tried to transfer him to someone with knowledge. Plus it didn't help that the neighbors were ticked off because of the alarm. He finally disarmed the horn and we headed to town. The tow truck driver came and towed it to Casa Grande because it's their policy to tow it to the nearest dealership instead of where you purchased it. Since we were gone when he got here, Cole took pictures of it on the truck.

(imagine picture of new car on tow truck)

The driver locked both sets of keys in the car and there it sat all weekend in front of the Casa Grande dealership while I had to drive smelly carpet cleaning van again. They finally cut a new key for it on Monday and brought it into the bay. It started for them. I couldn't believe it. They hooked it up the the diagnostic thingie and it didn't show that there was anything wrong with it. So when they went to take it out of the bay it wouldn't start for them and the alarm went off. I was so glad it happened to them. They hooked it back up and there was a pinched wire in the steering column that wasn't allowing the signals to be sent out to the car. So now it's fixed and we picked it up last night, but the shop has actually had possession of it for longer than we have. CRAZY!
Saturday we went to my sister Coleen's house for a family BBQ. My niece and nephew,Kindra and Kayce (Julie's kids) just got here from Tennessee.I can't believe how much they've grown. It was great seeing them. I love listening to Kindra talk. She has the cutest southern accent. I love it! Coleen set up a huge blow up water slide in her back yard and the kids had a blast on that thing.

(imagine picture of tons of kids on water slide)

Saturday Mark sold one of his motorcycles. I could tell that he was a bit heart broken. He is glad to have the money to pay some bills, but he loves his bikes and misses it. So many fun memories for him. It's the one that he would let Chad ride and we'd go on double dates with Chad and Sandy. So sad!

(imagine a picture of all 4 of us on the 2 motorcycles)

Yesterday me and the little boys went on a field trip to Target to get bedding for their rooms. Cody had a bunk bed so we needed 2 sets for his room, but his was on clearance so we got a great deal. Going to Target with boys is not nearly as fun as going alone, so I don't recommend it. We've been cleaning house and setting up their rooms today. I haven't taken pictures of their rooms yet, and I'm tired of making you imagine pictures so I will share those later when and if I get some computer cooperation. After we're done cleaning we're going to pick up Kindra and Kayce for a sleepover. My whole family is coming to Maricopa to celebrate the 4th of July here. It should be a blast, except for the little fact that it's suppose to be 117 degrees, so if we don't melt, you'll be hearing more from me later.

P.S. A couple of you asked what kind of saw I was using to cut the flowers. It is a scroll saw. That one is a Ryobi. I really prefer my Delta scroll saw because the blades are a little thinner making it easier to make sharp turns, but the Ryobi is a little easier to change the blades. A scroll saw is really the only kind of saw crafters use because you can cut details. It's a lot like sewing, with the added fear of cutting a finger off. :o) I've put in thousands of cutting hours and have never been cut. However I have almost removed my fingerprints with my belt sander when a piece of wood went flying out of my hands.


Pam said...

Whoa Nellie! You sure gave my imagination a workout! Great photos! ;)

Have a very happy 4th!

Congrats to Kyle!

Jen said...

Geesh...I sure hope your BRAND new car doesn't have an electrical problem...that's not good!

Jen said...

just got your comment...yes it's so sad that someone can actually do that to themself...they must be so so off balance mentally. it is very heart breaking.

Andi said...

Okay Jolene...I'm old and my imagination is only so good...but I loved the picture of Kyle with his driver's permit!!! heehee

Love reading your post...pictures or no pictures...always nice to hear whats been going on with you.

Have a Happy 4th of July with your family!

Kimberly said...

I have a headache from using my imagination..lol! Glad your car is fixed now and hope you have a great 4th of July.

Nikki *Ü* said...

Ouch!! Yeah, I think I'll have my husband do any cutting of the wood for me. You're VERY brave!! That absolutely stinks about your new car and the alarm issue. Glad that they FINALLY figured it out. I, too, HATE it when I have to call customer service people because they really 99.9% of the time have NO CLUE what they're talking about. Ugh!! So sorry you had all that frustration!

Valerie said...

imagine me jumping up and down that the car finally did the same "trick" for the dealership!! i SO hate when my car goes in and it won't repeat the problem! i know they're looking at me like "sheesh, dumb broad, don't know nuthin' 'bout cars (spit)."

and BIG congrats to Kyle!!

Chickenbells said...

Yeah, I sewed through my finger with the sewing machine...and put my tagging gun (one for clothes) through all of my fingers and various webbings in my hands several times...ouch!

Weird about the car, I am so glad they fixed it though...and a huge congratulations to Kyle!!!

velvet brick said...

LOL...oh Jolene...this was a great blog! Love the 'imagine a picture of.... ' ... too funny... Hope all is well with cars, kiddos and computers soon! Have a happy 4th! : )

Susie Q said...

Your pictures were so colorful and fun and I want to know how you got those shots? The family all looks wonderful in them! You now I have an extremely vivid imagination don't ya?
I imagine REALLY well!

Ya'll have a great 4th and please do not melt!


September said...

Great photos, Jolene. :-D

Ok, I want those wood flowers, like seriously. I think you should sell some!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th. We're staying home and bbqing ribs. yum!

Jacquie said...

Happy 4th to you all. Hope you have a great day.

My imaginations sucks these days I need real pictures!!

Kidding ;-) You write so well I don't need a visual.

Amie said...

Hey Jolene,

I don't think I commented on the scan, but how cute is that..... I want baby scans that look like that!
I hope your new car doesn't give you any more troubles. Did you get to go out on your date still?

And I hope your computer troubles are fixed soon too.

Amie xx

amydc said...

I love your blog. You are too funny.
Good luck with getting your computer back on track.

Amy Mowbray said...

Congrats Kyle! How exciting for him.

Hope you guys had a great 4th with your family. I can't imagine 117 degrees. It's a dry heat though, right? :)
Just kidding with ya. Hot is hot. 117 is just ridiculous.

Heather said...

Even without the pictures...your blog is still funny, interesting and great to read! 117 is a little too much for me...WHOA! I don't think I have ever been somewhere that hot! LOL
Congrats to Kyle on passing his test!
Sorry that the problems with the new car happened...but I totally understand. The last time we bought a new car...we had trouble and had to really stay on them about a couple of issues!
I hope you all had a great 4th of July! I sure have missed all my bloggin buddies and I am glad to finally be back among the bloggers! :)

Colors of Me said...

I am soo hoping you get your computer fixed soon!! I miss all your pics :) But still love to read your blog. Man, I thought 98 here was hot, but 117!!!!! and i definately do try to go shopping without kids, but always manage to have 1 or 2 with me LOL!!

wendster said...

Come backkkkkk! Coommme baaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Anonymous said...