Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting ready!

Do you remember that Staples back to school commercial where the dad is joyfully riding the shopping cart through the store filling it with school supplies while the the music is playing "it's the happiest time of the year"? Well that was me today...only in Wal-mart. :o) In my defense, my children are excited about school starting. After a few weeks of summer they get bored and want to go back. This year I only have 3 kids in school...one in elementary, one in junior high and one in high school. Yesterday I took them to the mall to get shoes, then to Target for clothes. I'm glad the two younger ones are still happy with cheaper clothes from Target. I also got the baby this cute little shirt. I like the word accommodating! hee...hee.. Kyle bought some "cool" shirts from the mall with his own money. While we were at the mall I dropped off 2 of my rings to get repaired. I had a teeny diamond fall out of my wedding ring and they made the back wider because it was so thin and bendy. I had to get the other one size up (don't ask how many sizes) Mark got me that one for my birthday. (way back in March) It's been sitting in my purse ever since. I'm so happy to have my rings fixed. They are so sparkly! Never mind the elephant skin. Perhaps the macro lens shouldn't be use when taking photos of skin...kind of scary, in an enlightening kind of way! :o)


Chris said...

Tomorrow I am shopping for that stuff....Hoping the sales are good. All three will be in school this year...I don't know what I will do with myself as I haven't been alone in 9 years!!! And its my last kindergartener....Am I allowed to bawl??? (and then get home an dance hee hee)
I hope your grandbaby doesn't grow up this fast...I will be expecting lots of pictures of him posted. :)

SmileyCarrie said...

Awww I love back-to-school shopping!! This is my first year not to have school to shop for, WOW!
That commercial of the Dad with the shopping cart is HILARIOUS: definitely one of my favourites!!!

Coleen said...

That shirt says it all. Spoiled rotten. I can't wait. By that time you will be lugging around your grandbaby and you will WANT to get out with me then. No more of this no, I don't want to crap! What do you think of that?

Chickenbells said...

I love the commercial, and I don't even have kids (yet!)

And that new baby boy doesn't even know what he's in for...lucky, lucky boy!

The heart ring is so beautiful...you're going to love wearing it finally! YAY!!

Jen said...

You're too funny!

I hear you about the cheaper clothes, I sure hope I can get away with it too! DD likes this store called "Justice" can I just say that they little girl clothes look like hoochie momma clothes and the prices make my jaw drop....we head straight for the CLEARANCE racks!

Pam said...

Boy you are on the ball! I haven't even thought of school shopping yet and it's only 4 weeks away!

Love the t-shirt for the baby, way too funny!

Love your rings! That stone, what it is? Very pretty!!

Heather D. White said...

HOLY CRAP! We have the exact same wedding rings! You're the first person I've ever met with the same ring!!