Monday, October 22, 2007


Sunday I taught my first lesson to the young women's. I was scared to death to the point of my stomach hurting because I've never taught anyone older than 3...and I was nervous then too. It was on honesty. It surely didn't flow as easily as I'd hoped, but they complimented me, so I assume they think I did an okay job. I ended up making 2 handouts...normally I would just do one. I bought un-cut keys from Wal-Mart and attached them to tags I made that said "Honesty is the key to peace of mind" The broom and dust pans I bought for a dollar from IKEA. The tag I made says "Being honest means you wont have to sweep up after messy lies later" The girls LOVED the handouts! I don't have to teach again for another month. That lesson is on gratitude and appreciation. You all know how much I love that topic, so I'm pretty excited to teach that one.

After my chiropractor appointment today I met up with Mark for lunch and a bit of shopping since he had a lull in the middle of his day. Can you believe that after 21 1/2 years of marriage, we have never owned real luggage. We either used duffel bags or borrowed from my parents or sister when we went out of town. Mark got me a big pink one and him a rusty orange one. I remember standing for long periods of time looking for our luggage by the airport carousel in the sea of black and blue luggage, so we decided to get pieces that would stand out so we could find them easier.

We also picked up some silverware because ours had dwindled down to hardly any due to garbage disposal accidents and the use of digging tools in the back yard when the boys were younger. Those of you with sons know what I'm talking about. It will be nice to have a matching set again. :o)
I've been thinking a lot about my catering, so we picked up a few more serving pieces to add to my growing collection. I've done so many catering events for friends and family at no charge....just the cost of food (sometimes I even paid for the food) I'm thinking that maybe I could make some money doing it. I like to cook...people like to eat what I cook. Why not get paid for it...right?
Hat boxes...just because they were cheap and cute! Love them!Yesterday I made 2 carrot sheet cakes. One for my family and one for a church thing. It's too good not to share the recipe. Don't laugh, but the recipe has baby food carrots in it. It makes the cake so smooth....I don't like chunky carrot cake. When I was really young, a family friend use to make this. I've wanted the recipe ever since. A sweet lady finally shared the recipe and I am so thankful. Here it is.
4 eggs, 2 Cups sugar, 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil, 4 - 4 oz. bottles of baby food strained carrots (scrape bottles well), 2 1/2 Cups flour, 2 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. cinnamon.
Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl. Bake in a large cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 25-30 minutes until done in center. Cool, cover with foil then put in freezer. (This portion can be done 2 weeks ahead of time if you like)
Make frosting. Frost frozen. (They freeze very well after frosting too!)
3 1/2 Cups powdered sugar, 1/3 Cup margarine, 1 tsp. vanilla, 8 oz. cream cheese
Cream together softened margarine, cream cheese, and vanilla. Blend in powdered sugar until nice and creamy.
Keep cold in the refridgerator. It taste better cold, but the freezing process adds to it being moist. Cut and serve. Easily serves 30

Before I forget...someone unplugged my huge deep freeze that's in the garage. Of course no one in my house did it. Must be the ghost who was messing with the AC a while back. I walked out there and it stunk something terrible. EVERYTHING in it is spoiled. Some of it even oozed out the bottom....I know...gross! I hold my breath everytime I go out there. We plugged back in to re-freeze so we can throw it all away. It was FULL! Such a waste...I hate waste! Going to have to start over again.
Okay...I gotta go. Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been busier than ever. Mark and I are going for a walk. We are trying to get in better shape. Said after giving you a recipe for cake. :o) Hey...carrots ARE a vegetable!


~Telah said...

Love all the new things you got! And Yummo on that cake recipe. If it is half as good as your banana bread recipe, then I'm all about making it soon! You did a great job on those handouts for your girls...such a neat idea. And as far as the catering goes, I say Go For It! You would be an awesome caterer (is that the word?)!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...lots of good stuff in this post. I love your idea for the handouts. Very creative. Love the pink luggage. Thanks for the recipe...sounds yummy.


Anonymous said...

Love your handouts they look awesome. I might just have to try that cake as hubby like carrot cake.

You pink luggage looks great too. Good luck with your catering I really think you'll have a great little business your food looks awesome.


Kim said...

Yum on the cake! Definately will try it. Last month we had a storm that zapped the circuit breaker on our freezer. I didn't know it until after the fact and lost EVERYTHING. Love your YW projects. I especially love the broom.

Briana said...

Looks like you had a nice little shopping trip! Love all the stuff you got, especially your luggage! ;)

Melissa said...

I love those hand outs! What creative ideas!

And Alton Brown says carrot cake is a muffin. So you could have it for breakfast, technically - so it can't be that bad!

Wendy said...

Love the luggage!

I am definetly trying that carrot cake, Thanks

I thought you already charged for your catering, you definetly should. You'll be booked up in no time.

Anonymous said...

When you clean out the freezer be sure to take off the tray on the bottom to scrub that too. It is under the bottom and screwed on. This happened to our freezer and we could not get rid of the smell and couldn't figure out why. All the liquid from the thawed items collected in this tray and was just nasty! Hope this saves you from the many hours of scrubbing with clorox that we went through trying to rid our home of the stench!

September said...

Congrats on the new luggage, that's on our Christmas list after our trip to Hawaii.

I am glad you're going to start charging for your catering, you do a great job and I think you'll be quite successful!

Becky K. said...

What an enjoyable and useful post.

The keys were a great idea. Too cute!

Loved that you got to spend time with your husband. I think that it is a good thing to follow our dreams when we can do it in balance...sounds like you've already figured that part out so go have fun and make some money...for more shopping trips?

Terrible to hear about the freezer! It seems that some of these things are just unavoidable.

Becky K.

Jacquie said...

Your handouts are totally awesome! These girls lucked out when they were assigned (is that the right word?) to you.

I love me some carrot cake and I must try your recipe. Mmmmmmmm.

The freezer mess I feel for you. My Aunt had that happen 3x to her, basically because her sons didn't close the door properly (it was a frdige style freezer). She was some ticked.

patti_cake said...

I am coveting your luggage! Love it! Yes I definitely think you should get paid for catering. If you lived near me I would keep you busy. I TRY to cook but I suck at it. I love the way you did the lesson for the girls too. Creativeness like that gets noticed and i'm sure the lessons will be remembered. You rock Jolene!

Chickenbells said...

congrats on the new's so nice to have something all your own to pack your stuff in! The lesson for the girls sounded great...I'm sure you'll hit your stride soon, it just takes practice! Good luck with the catering as well, you love to cook for people, it just seems like the perfect thing...

Leah said...

Your little handouts are adorable! So cute! And love all your other purchases. I totally agree with that pink luggage. I used to travel a lot with my job and I got a purple set for that same airport carousel reason. So easy to spot!

velvet brick said...

Ok... so how CUTE are your handouts that give SUCH important messages and in a way that is sure to make a lasting impression on those girls... doubted yourself??!!?? Silly girl... you are shining with this calling!

As for the luggage, color me pink! I have a carry-on that is from leather with brown alltime favorite...a girl just HAS to have pink luggage! I think it's sweet that you and Mark went the goodies that you and Mark picked up! And yes!! You should do professional catering!! You have such a talent for it.... see what it can do!! : )

Take good care of youself, dear girlfriend!


Kassie said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while,(my computer was down) and it was fun to try to catch up with you. Congrats on winning that big Quickutz prize. Fun to meet Lisa B, she really is skinny!
And about your new are going to LOVE it. You will be fantabulous and the girls will think you're so cool. Helps that you have cute boys too! Hang in there.

Valerie said...

i KNEW you would do great teaching! you're a born one, you just don't recognize it yet.

what a drag, losing all the freezer stuff. we had a substancial power outage a few weeks ago, and i was a mess, thinking of all the food that was gonna go to pot.

shabby chic said...

What a lovely lesson on appreciation. I bet it went down a treat, I know my children would have loved your lesson

x Dominique

angelsamoungus said...

"Being honest means you wont have to sweep up after messy lies later" I love that quote you did.

Love the cake and the nice goodies you bought.

Take care,

Jen said...

When you use black luggage, get some duct tape, silver or colored and make a big X on the front and back so you can identify your luggage on the turny thingie :)

OMG, that sucks about your freezer. Why on earth would anyone unplug the freezer??? UGH! I'd be madder than mad, LOL

Andi said...

You're handouts are so creative! I'm sure the girls loved them.

Our luggage is black and it does all look very similar. But not that'll be able to spot it for sure.

Carrot cake is not something I care for but I know just about everyone else loves it. As for me...I'll take chocolate.

Nikki *Ü* said...

Yuck! We had that happen with our freezer several years ago and it was awful!! No fun for anyone when that happens!! I love the handouts you did for your YW lesson. I really gotta check out Ikea!! Those $1 dustpans/brushes would make great shower presents!! And that cake sounds very yummy!! I LOVE carrot cake!!

Cassandra said...

I absolutely LOVE your Young Women's handouts! I showed Mia and she loved them too - they have the same lesson coming up and is upset she isn't doing it so she could copy you! You are so creative!

Jeff said...

Hi. I found you off of Valerie's blog. I just wanted to tell you that I think that any effort to bring back good morals to todays youth is a GREAT one. Plus you really seemed to try and make it all interesting.


Martha said...

pretty luggage I need that to never owned any in 24 yrs of marriage either!!;)

my fav is carrot cake thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

I say go for it!! your food looks good and mama can always use some extra cash!!