Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Cole!

Eleven years ago today I was giving birth to my 5th and final child. I knew he was my last because each pregnancy had become progressively worse. With him I was on bed rest for 6 long months with pre-term labor. That is NOT easy when you have 4 other little boys running around the house taking full advantage of the fact that mom was helpless. After that we decided that he would be our last. Oh how we loved that sweet baby. The past 11 years have been a roller coaster ride of events and emotions. I'm grateful for all of those experiences.
Last night we celebrated with a night out bowling. I don't think every single birthday needs a huge party. Cole invited his friend Bobby to come along. They had a blast. We got Cole a magnetic dart board, and ipod nano and the movie-fantastic 4 silver surfer. Today a package came from Chad for Cole containing an air soft gun and enough ammo to do some serious damage. Cole's words were "SWEET!" I'm interpreting that as he thinks it's pretty cool. Going to have to set up some rules with that thing, because I'd prefer to not get a visit from the local police. As you can tell by the icing sliding down the cake that it's still a bit on the warm side here in Arizona.
Random stuff
  • I've got about 4-6 more hours left until I'm done making baby shower invitations.
  • I'm loving my young women's calling.
  • I finally have a design for my Christmas cards.
  • When the principal calls, is it ever a good thing? I think not.
  • Same thing with the school nurse...both of which I've talked to recently.
  • I'm so far behind on house work and it's really affecting my mood.
  • Mount Washmore is huge! Enough said!
  • Sometimes men say dumb things...which also affects my mood.
  • The girl that did my nails today was brutal and did a bad job. Wont be using her again.
  • Chad sent me a camcorder in the mail. How stinking sweet is that?!
  • Baby Mark is walking everywhere with confidence. There's no stopping him now.
  • Really need to dig out the halloween/fall decorations.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!! I am glad you had a great day.... How sweet is Chad.

Have a great weekend


Kimberly said...

I am with you on all your random stuff....I too have been getting too many calls from school lately and men can said the dumbest stuff at the wrong time. Happy Birthday to Cole....looks like you had a blast.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

I'm so jealous! You have 10 pin there! We only have Candlepin here and I HATE it!

I knew you would love your calling, I knew you would be so wonderful at it!

My son has an airsoft gun and all the neighborhood boys love it, they only hurt a little :), just make him wear eye protection!

How fun that you got a camcorder! Now you can put video on your blog too! ;)

Cheeky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Are you going to share the Chrismas design?

patti_cake said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cole! He is so adorable!

Get to cracking on the Halloween decorations woman :)

Chad is such a sweetie also.

Nora said...

I love reading Blog. Beening doing it for awhile now and just wanted to let you know. I have 5 sons too, and then had my 2 girls. Love those 5 sons. I love when you even Blog when your having a hard time in your life. I'm am going through that right now and it has helped to read about your's and hangingin there because things have to get better, RIGHT

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Cole!!! Looks like everyone had a blast. Bowling is so much fun! I'm working on Mt. Washmore today and of course the washer isn't cooperating. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Chickenbells said...

Happy Birthday Cole! I love bowling...and it looks like the crew had quite the time...don't worry about getting all that stuff done, it'll still be there (ugh!)

~Telah said...

Happy Birthday Cole! When you saw the camcorder from Chad, Did you say "Sweet" like Cole did about the gun? :) Hope you have a great night/day!

martha said...

Happy birthday cole!! (love that name I have a Cole to ;).

I hear ya on the "men say dumb things" oy,,,,boy's uh I mean MEN!!!lol

Have a great day!!

Me said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

shabby chic said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi, love reading your blog and cant beleive you have 5 boys , you are a supermum I think !!. I have a girl of ten and boy of 8 and I find that enough !!. x

Denverite said...

Since I can't get a rise out of you via texting, I'll try it here...
GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!

Susie Q said...

Happy Birthday handsome Cole!! LOVE That photo of the bowling balls...that was super!!!

Oh saying stupid things. I hear ya dear friend!! *laugh*

I hafta do my housework tomorrow, ON Saturday, which is affecting MY mood! *laugh*

Go Mark!!!

LOVED all the pictures of Chad. Handsome have such good looking boys in your house sweetie!


Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Cole! (or belated I guess) You have such handsome boys! I thinkin there are some good genes in your family ;-)

Ahhhh Mount Washmore seems to have a friend in my house :-(

I haven't had the principle call just the teachers UGH not good ones at all.

TK Angels said...

Happy birthday to your baby boy. Of course I bet her does not want to be called the baby :)

How sweet is Chad? Ahh very sweet. Thinking of mom and brother.

Take care,

Maren said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!!

I am so glad that you are loving your calling. It sounds like a fun one.

Congrats on designing your Christmas card already. I haven't even started thinking about ours. I've got to get on that and SOON.

velvet brick said...

A big HB for that sharp looking son of yours! How great to see family together! Love your updates and photos...glad the George family is doing well..

Blessings to you all, Jolene....

Anonymous said...