Monday, June 19, 2006

Day 8 and fathers

Day 8 is here! Still glad I joined this challenge. I love how it makes me feel so accomplished, I love that my family can see a difference without me saying anything, I love all of Rhonna's inspirational quotes, and I love everyone's heartfelt, funny, supportive, very sweet comments. My heart is full of appreciation!
Fathers day was yesterday and we had my whole side of the family over for dinner, except for Julie and Justin's family. Still so sad that they moved to Tennessee. I missed them so much...especially on holidays. (HUGS GUYS!) Anyways, it was a yummy dinner and fun conversation with the people I love. I want my sweet dad and my dear husband Mark to know how much I love and appreciate them and their roles as fathers. My dad helped my mom raise 5 ornery daughters and he still has all his marbles. Mark is still helping me with raising 5 ornery sons. (now a daughter in law too and soon a new grandson to boot) His hair his graying fast, but marbles are still intact as well, but we're not done so the verdict is still out on that one. They are both wonderful men who do this hard job called fatherhood with a smile on their face and love in their hearts!


memoryfairy said...

I'm loving my shiney sink too!! Father's Day isn't til September here in NZ..glad you enjoyed your day :o)

sara margaret said...

can't believe you have five boys! kept looking at thepicture and thinking, where's the mom? that woman's too young to have all those kids. seriously!

September said...

Go Jolene!!! It sounds like you had a lovely Father's Day. We did too, just the 3 of us, so it was quiet, but peaceful. :)

Chickenbells said...

wow...what a beautiful family, it sounds like you had a lot of fun...we were just melting in the heat up here...I can't imagine what it was like down there! Keep on shinin' that sink girl!

gudrun said...

What a wonderful family you have.
You are really blessed. And sounds like you had a nice fathers day as well. :)
I really like the jornal-pages you create, and the way you incorporate Rhonnas art in your own pages. :)
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. :)

Pam said...

I am loving following along in your challange! Of course it makes me feel like I should be doing it! ;)

Beautiful photos of the two familes! Sounds like a wonderful day!