Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Arizona dust storm

This is what blew through Arizona today....nice huh?! I've been stripping wallpaper and painting all day and this afternoon I could hear the wind kick up and the bathroom got darker so I go and look out the bedroom window and there was this thick brown ick outside. Now my pool is gross and everything is filthy. Oh the joys of living in the Arizona desert. Here is a link if you want to watch a video of it.


September said...

Jolene, That is the most amazing thing! Wow. So it leaves everything covered in grit? bleck. Sorry... (at least the graduation party was LAST week, right?)

Chris said...

WOW!! So how much dusting did you have to do to that new furninture?? lol I watched the clip several times and I am still amazed.

Julie said...

I wish I could watch it, it's not letting me view it. send it to my e-mail and see if I could get it then.