Tuesday, May 30, 2006

cute kids!

My niece and nephew (Kayce and Kindra) are heading to Tennessee now that school is over to be with their mom and dad. I took a bunch of pictures of them this morning. (70 to be exact) They turned out pretty cute I think. I also took a bunch of Preston. He is a little boy that my sister has had in her daycare since he was 6 weeks old. Coleen combed his hair before we left, but he was rolling all over in the grass so it got a bit poofy. He is so adorable! The second to the last picture is Preston and my nephew Kaden. They are the best little buddies. Kaden is very protective of him. They all did pretty well in their photo shoot. I'm going to really miss Kindra and Kayce! :o(
Before they left we made up shirts for them to wear on the plane ride home. It says:
I (name) am on
temporary loan
to Tennessee...
I must be returned
to Arizona by
July 15th 2008
thank you!
the family :o)


Chris said...

Stop and see me in KS on your way to TN to see them!!! Very Cute kids...(Good photographer also)

September said...

Very sweet photos, Jolene. Such cute subjects!

Julie said...

Heck ya, there cute kids i love them! Good job on the photagraphy! I can't wait to see the rest on the disks. I havn't made it to walmart yet. I can't wait to see pics from what you've done to the house. love ya, ME

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! Thanks for doing the pics. They really turned out! I knew they would. I'm typing from Mary's computer. I forgot to leave a comment when I was at Dad's. Jen loved the pictures too. She couldn't go to sleep because she stayed up looking at all of them. Thanks for everything you do. I love ya! We'll have to go get our pedicures next time instead of Britney since I have never had one. Love ya, Coleen

9:40 PM

Jolene George said...

Thank you all for your sweet compliments.
I'm glad Jen liked all the ones of Preston. He sure is a cutie patootie!
I miss you Justin, Julie, Kayce and Kindra! Tennessee sure is a long ways away.

Anonymous said...

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