Friday, February 27, 2009

Ugly dress party...

Last night was our ugly dress party. It was a serious blast! On Wednesday I met up with Mark in town and we hit 4 of the thrift stores (two of them twice) in search of a truly ugly dress. I found some awesome ones. My favorite one being a lovely sherbet orange with really bad bead work and weird puckers. It was perfect...until I went to try it on and I couldn't even zip it up. I was so sad! That was the same fate with numerous other hideous dresses. Oh to be a size 2...if only for one night. The dress I ended up getting was a purple one that was a little less than modest so I had to wear a shirt under it to keep myself contained. Mark said it was ugly enough, but at that point he was so sick of shopping he would say anything to get me out of there. In his own words "this is the worst day ever!" I did make it up to him and went to dinner and a movie. Poor guy! LOL! When I put it on at home my boys all said..."Mom, that's not an ugly dress." LOL! Dangit! It's the only one that fit me. At the party we played several games (with prizes) ate ugly wedding cake with the traditional nuts and mints, and watched the movie "27 Dresses". I had to leave before the movie,so I'll need to rent it so I can see it.


Both these girls got there late after the group picture was taken.

Sarah W





Yovonnie in the bridal dress




Sarah L


The winners...Ms.Poofy, Ms. Flashy, Ms. Ugly Color, Ms. Congeniality, Ms. Ugly DressI'm totally thinking girls should get to wear a tiara at least once a week. Perhaps Tiara Tuesday! Who cares if we're doing dishes or scrubbing toilets. We'll be rockin' it in style! LOL!
Thanks Jen and Leah for hosting a fabulous fun party! and thanks to the rest of you girls who made it extra fun. Love you all!


Gisele said...

Looks like a fun party.

Martha (aka Yvette) said...

Hi Jolene, I saw you post about this on your facebook, this is toooo fun and funny :). I have to agree with your boys your dress is actually cute!!!lol looks like you had a lot of fun!!1

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting these so soon Jolene! It was tons of fun!

familywithfivekids said...

When I saw your title I knew it had to be FUN! I need to host a party like this - it sounds like a blast!

John and Dana Lyn said...

These pictures are hilarious! What a fun theme. I'll have to rent that movie sometime. Looks like a lot of fun!

Briana said...

How fun!

The Picketts said...

Oh my gosh! Can we say that I wasn't kidding when I said I looked like a gigantic BLUEBERRY! ha ha ha! We all looked fabulously ugly, that's for sure! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Andi said...

What a wonderful theme for a party! Love all your pictures Jolene. I think I may have worn a dress like Miss Pouffy in a wedding before...yikes!

I think Tiara Tuesday is a great idea!

Allyson said...

That looks like a fun group of ladies. I'm loving the dresses. I couldn't come, so I'm glad you posted this. You look gorgeous darling, simply gorgeous!

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

That's a great party idea. I may have to steal it. :o)

Sarah said...

Oh my heck....i am really ugly:) thanks for posting.!

Susie Q said...

I think I actally had to wear one or two of these in a friend's wedding! ACK!!

What fun!!


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