Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rams fans, parents and running...

Chad and Hunter are the BIGGEST fans for girls volleyball team. They spent hours designing their shirts today as well as painting their faces and arms to show their true spirit. I helped out with the painting to show my support for Stacey because I'm a cool mom like that. :o) Chad painted his arms black and I did the lettering. The boys look pretty cute and believe me when I say that the girls LOVE them cheering them on.
It's been crazy around here as usual, so most of the house have yet to be put back together. I did however get the front room done. It took some time but I figured out where everything had to be hung and I'm partially done with the mess in the kitchen. There is less chaos in my head if things are clean. Problem is I think my boys like to see the chaos in my head. I went to my first aerobics class at the church this morning and totally got my butt kicked! The girls said it was the easy day...yeah right! I'm getting scared for next weeks classes. I thought I was doing good with my own evening exercise routine at night, but they showed me muscles I forgot I had and my the way those muscles are feeling right now I'm sure they are wishing I would have let them be. They've were perfectly fine being left undisturbed and now I'm going to make them mad for an hour every Monday -Thursday.
What have I been doing you ask? Well....both of my parents have been in the hospital. Yes, BOTH! My dad started out in there with some problems with arthritis and diabetes and ended up getting several units of blood. Then my sisters were sneaky and got the nurses to look at my mom when she came in to visit my dad because she is in worse shape than my dad, but in denial about it. They got one look at her and she was admitted and shortly transferred to a different hospital that could handle a higher level of care. She has several things wrong with her. Along with her diabetes she is not getting enough oxygen. Her lips are always blue and her coloring is off. Her legs are purple and cells are dying. They have no idea how she was even alive. I believe it's a miracle. In the air that we all breathe there is about 21% oxygen that keeps us in the normal levels in the 90's on the thingy bobber that they have her hooked up to. They are giving her 100% oxygen to keep her at a level we all stay at only taking in 21%. Her red blood cells are making too much blood and it's really thick and dark. They have a hard time getting it out of her. During one of the numerous tests they discovered a hole in her heart so she had heart surgery yesterday to repair that. I've been spending my time hospital hopping. My dad was release, but in my mind he was clearly not ready. Then he had the nerve to drive himself to her hospital so he could be there for her surgery. He would totally lie to his doctors and say he was feeling great just to be with my mom. I was with him for most of that time and he wasn't walking well and his speech was a little off. I could tell his head was still be bit foggy, but he had to be a trooper! Oh! and they both have sleep apnea. Why can't my parents just behave?! I love them to pieces but they sure know how to worry their daughters!
Last but certainly not least, My niece Camille who is very close to Nicole is trying to raise money to send her and baby Karlee to help them get on their feet after losing Western. She was talking to me about how great my blog readers are and asked if I could spread the word to all of you. Of course I said yes! She is dedicating September 15th-October 15th to them and plans to run 100 miles. I commend Camille for doing this because I can't even run across the street let alone 100 miles. She is amazing! She would love it if any of you could help by pledging a dime, a quarter, or whatever you want per mile. It's not really the amount that counts because a lot of littles can add up to be a lot. If you don't want to pledge per mile but still would like to donate something, any help would be appreciated. I now things are tight for everyone right now so if you can't help at this time that's okay too. If any of you are interested please click on her blog here and show her some love and support. It would mean the world to their family. Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome and I love you! Hopefully I will be able to return to normalcy soon and catch up with everyone. Hugs and love!


Kassie said...

Yikes about your parents. I hope they get the proper medical help and start feeling better. It's hard watching our parents age.

fun pictures of those boys!

The Picketts said...

We were all SO glad you came to aerobics! You did GREAT! It'll get easier - I promise! I'm excited to be able to see your smiling face each morning! THANKS FOR COMING!
And good luck to your parents! It's NOT a fun task. Fortunately, AND unfortunately my parents live in Colorado so I only get to hear of problems or recovery by phone. Like it said, it's good and bad! Good luck to them to get better!

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

Jolene! I had no clue. I am sorry that you have had both of your parents in the hospital (though I'm really glad your sisters got your mom checked out - scary!). Is there anything I can do for you?

Those boys are hilarious! Way to cheer on their friends. Is it the college volleyball team? or the Highschool?

Thank you so much for putting a blurb in your blog about my run. It has been an emotional week getting pledges, and I think it's going to be followed by an emotional month of running. I can't believe how much love and support people have shown me and Nicole. (All people that have never met her). It's amazing. Why don't they put things like that on the news?

Rhona said...

Hope your parents will now continue to get the medical help they need. It is a worry, isn't it! Love the boys support of the girls' team - way to go!! Best wishes to Camille for her run.

Anonymous said...


Do you have one of our cell phone numbers to call us when this stuff is going on??? We need to exchange all phone numbers because the last time I texted you I didn't get a response, so I don't even know if I have your right number anymore! Does your uncle know about your mom?


-Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that your parents are so ill...hope things turn around and I can see a big difference in your room, lol

September said...

GO GO GO on the aerobics, girl!!!! I'm SO proud of you!!!!

I still can't believe about your parents, and two different hospitals. Sending out lots of hugs and prayers sweetie.

Oh the boys, they are too funny. :)

Hugs, Tember

Nikki *Ü* said...

So neat that Chad has a new girlfriend. She looks like a doll. Fun how into volleyball those guys are! Man, I remember those, high school. Man, it's starting to be a really long time ago! Yikes! I hope your parents' recoveries are going well!