Monday, September 08, 2008

Billy and Courtney's wedding...

Saturday was painting day. My house is in total disarray. Everything is off the walls and pulled to middle of the rooms. Everywhere I look I see "kapoosh!" (my definition of total disaster, said by cheeks puffed and fingers making exploding motions)

After painting Mark and I got cleaned up and headed to town for the wedding of Billy and Courtney. Billy is Chad's best friend and he served in Afghanistan with him, just on the opposite side of the country. The wedding was beautiful. Chad was the best man and looked very handsome. He is with Stacey, his un-official girlfriend. They have to take things very slow because she is younger, but her parents love him to pieces and we equally love her.

I can't get a good picture of me and Mark without getting one like this. I need to make a layout of all the times I get the retarded face pictures. Only problem is I have too many of them.

*Weight loss update*
I'm down 17 pounds now...maybe 18, plus several inches. I've been working really hard. The more I see come off the harder I work. It's exciting to see changes. Mark can see the changes too. Still have a long way to go, but for the first time I actually think I can reach my goal.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for Western and the family. It is deeply appreciated.


The Picketts said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm jealous! I lost about that much before SUMMER and somehow, found it again!
You should come to aerobics at the church Mon - Thurs at 8:30. We have SOOO much fun sweating to death! We'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you come! It's a great workout, and good times!

linda t said...

WOW! You look stunningly gorgeous in that pool pic of you Jolene!!
Sooo happy on your successful weight loss! You GO GIRL! You can do anything you put your mind to!! So proud of you!

velvet brick said...

Jolene!! You look amazing!! The weightloss if so evident in your gorgeous pictures!! Congrats on the hard work, girl! All looks wonderful on the George front...yeah! ; )

Chickenbells said...

I just KNEW someone around there would work for your wonderful food! The painting looks great...I'm sure it's a load off your mind. The wedding looks beautiful as is the unofficial girlfriend. Slow is is goofy faces!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Mark! You are a very striking couple - and the goofy one of Mark is cute, too!! :D Keep up the weight loss, Jolene! You're looking so good....congrats!! ~Cathy P.S. I am so happy that Chad has found someone - what a cute couple - I wish them luck!!!

Susie Q said...

You two make such a beautiful couple! And I have loved catching up with you. Painting is hard work!!


Jacquie said...

My Aunt would be so jealous of your painting friends. This as she was stuck with me the newbie painter this past weekend, LOL.

You look fabulous btw.

1RadChick said...

I am SO glad you got help on the painting! Looks like the wedding was fun and I am totally proud of you on the weight loss, girlfriend. Great job!


1RadChick said...

I am SO glad you got help on the painting! Looks like the wedding was fun and I am totally proud of you on the weight loss, girlfriend. Great job!


Cecilia said...

That picture of you in the pool is GORGEOUS! Good job on the weight loss!
You and Mark make a very beautiful couple!

Diane said...

Jolene, you have always been beautiful in my eyes. It's hard to believe you could look better, but you do. Plus your sweet and funny personality makes you an amazing total package. Congratulations on getting closer to your goal. I knew you could do it.
You ARE a lucky girl to have such great friends that are willing to help you.
take care!

Coleen said...

Jolene you are looking incredible! Seems like the weight loss is going well! I just started as well. Only my family and I am doing in front of cameras for a new TV show. That is keeping me honest and very motivated! I hope I have as much success as you!

I love the picture of you too, especially the one where Mark has a goofy face. Priceless! Glad he was smiling for the other one too!

Hope the whole George family is doing well!