Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school and baptism...

Back to school checklist for the youngest George boys...
  • Immunizations - check
  • haircuts - check
  • lunch with mom - check
  • clothes shopping - check
  • school supplies - check
  • registration - check
  • sports physicals - not yet
  • bus schedules - check
  • father's blessings - check
  • boys dropped off for their first day of school - check

It's hard to believe school as started. It feels strange. I have yet to decide if it's strange good or strange bad. I don't like the fact that Middle school/junior high starts in 6th grade instead of 7th like I'm use to. It feels like my baby has been robbed of his last year of elementary school. He's excited. Why can't I be?

A bunch of us mom's are going together to have a back to school lunch in town one day this week. I'm really looking forward to it. I have some great friends out here that I love.

By the way...I included a picture of me and Cole at his last basketball game so you can see that over the summer he went and out grew me....dang kid! It happened so fast. I'm now the shortest one in the family. Cody is the tallest in the family.

Hunter was baptized by Mark on Saturday. It was such a special day. You could feel the spirit so strong. A while back the missionaries had stopped by our house to refill their water bottles and Hunter told them he would like to start taking the discussions. The missionaries started coming over to see him twice a week and he had prayed about it and decided he wanted to become a member of the church. He has been attending every Sunday with our family since he moved in here. We have watched his testimony grow. He has made good friends who are great examples to him. The Turley family in our ward have been so good to him. They've had him over for family home evening several times and truly befriended him. We love that family. Actually we love so many families out here. The ward mission leader gave Hunter a new set of scriptures that have his name engraved on them. He loves them! We know this is where we are suppose to be. Sadly Hunter's parents are very upset about his decision to be baptized. They disowned him, changed their locks and told him not to contact them or his brothers as well as several other hurtful comments. it broke my heart that they treated him so bad over a choice of religion. They hate Mormon's, yet their only knowledge of our religion comes from Mormon bashers who don't believe in telling the truth. It's so sad. We pray that their hearts will soften over time as they see how much he's grown through making positive choices to live a good life. He knows in his heart he's doing what's right. I'm so proud of how strong his testimony is. He is a great boy.
The ick update.
I had gotten BAD sick Monday night and spend the next 4 solid days in bed. I finally managed to get up on Saturday, but it wasn't easy. I knew I had to be there for Hunter as well as take the boys school shopping and to get refreshments for after the baptism. For the first time, nothing was homemade. I just didn't have it in me. It was a really difficult day physically. It's a dang good thing boys are fast shoppers. I don't have any of the protruding ick, but I still don't have my strength and my stomach has a lingering, yet constant dull ache. Sometimes sharp pains. My appetite is half of what it was and every single thing I eat makes me feel sick. I dread eating now and only eat out of necessity.I just want to be 100% again. Not that my 100% is awesome, but I'll take it at this point. I'm telling you right now, that I'd rather go through labor and delivery that go through this crud. It's been horrible! I am so grateful for a couple of the young women who came over during the week and helped clean up my downstairs for me when they knew I couldn't and it had to be done before everyone came over Saturday for refreshments. I love those girls!


Allyson said...

I'm sure glad your up on your feet. I hate the icks! And how nice of those girls to come take care of your home!
I'm sad for Hunter, hopefully his parents will come around. My dad is an only member too....his parents not too happy either. But they came around, hopefully they can be supportive, given some time!

1RadChick said...

I'm glad you are back on your feet, and glad folks came and helped you! You do so much for everyone else. :)

Hope that Hunter's family will come around... Life is too short, and people make such dumb choices sometimes.... sigh.


Emily P. said...

Just wanted to say thank know why. :)

Lisa said...

Oh, so glad you are feeling better.

I just wanted to send Hugs and prayers to this handsome YM. I too am the only member in my family but at least they didn't throw me out. He is blessed with good friends and members of the church. I hope his parents will miss him and welcome him back into their home.

I love your blog! So glad I found it. Great recipes too!

Vida said...

Hi Jolene,
I'm glad to see that you're doing well and up again!

I'll send you a personal e-mail soon.

Please tell Hunter to follow his heart and if it is with the LDS Church, then he should hold his head up high.

Vida ;)

Kassie said...

Glad you're able to be up and about now. Being sick is the worst. What a wonderful story about a 'pioneer'. (Hunter) I've often wondered if I could have actually gone through something like that to join the Church or if I would have been too chicken. I've always been so thankful that that wasn't a choice I had to make. Kudos to him for doing what he felt was right, regardless of the consequences and I also hope his family realizes what they're missing out on. Thank goodness he has you and others in the ward to lean on.

Briana said...

So glad you're feeling better.

How sad about Hunter's parents. At least he's at peace with his decision in his own heart. That's all that really matters. Poor guy though, that's rough.

-Jennifer said...

Jolene-why are fire dept men giving your children shots?? OMG

Cecilia said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better.
It must feel good to get all those things checked off your list...Good Job!