Friday, February 27, 2009

Ugly dress party...

Last night was our ugly dress party. It was a serious blast! On Wednesday I met up with Mark in town and we hit 4 of the thrift stores (two of them twice) in search of a truly ugly dress. I found some awesome ones. My favorite one being a lovely sherbet orange with really bad bead work and weird puckers. It was perfect...until I went to try it on and I couldn't even zip it up. I was so sad! That was the same fate with numerous other hideous dresses. Oh to be a size 2...if only for one night. The dress I ended up getting was a purple one that was a little less than modest so I had to wear a shirt under it to keep myself contained. Mark said it was ugly enough, but at that point he was so sick of shopping he would say anything to get me out of there. In his own words "this is the worst day ever!" I did make it up to him and went to dinner and a movie. Poor guy! LOL! When I put it on at home my boys all said..."Mom, that's not an ugly dress." LOL! Dangit! It's the only one that fit me. At the party we played several games (with prizes) ate ugly wedding cake with the traditional nuts and mints, and watched the movie "27 Dresses". I had to leave before the movie,so I'll need to rent it so I can see it.


Both these girls got there late after the group picture was taken.

Sarah W





Yovonnie in the bridal dress




Sarah L


The winners...Ms.Poofy, Ms. Flashy, Ms. Ugly Color, Ms. Congeniality, Ms. Ugly DressI'm totally thinking girls should get to wear a tiara at least once a week. Perhaps Tiara Tuesday! Who cares if we're doing dishes or scrubbing toilets. We'll be rockin' it in style! LOL!
Thanks Jen and Leah for hosting a fabulous fun party! and thanks to the rest of you girls who made it extra fun. Love you all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweetheart Dance...

The Georges and the Koozers

Mark and I were in charge of the Stake Valentines Sweetheart Dance. We recruited the Koozer family, the Betts family and a few of the young single adults to come help set up Saturday morning. We strung hundreds of hearts across the room, blew up 300 balloons, both with helium and with lung capacity for the ones we wanted on the floor. (that's what the kids were for because blowing up balloons would make me pass out) We set up a picture taking area, food tables, DJ Area, and small intimate tables around the room. It's always amazing to me that you can totally transform the church culture hall from boring to beautiful just with decorations and turning down the lights. I set up my tripod and took pictures of all the couples that were there. We had close to 100 people there so I didn't want to pick favorites by only sharing a few on here so I'm not including any of them. Trust me...they were all so cute! Everyone had so much fun dancing, visiting and eating the yummy refreshments that the guests brought to share. After it was over we stayed late to clean up. Hal sent a big bouquet of balloons to heaven for their daughter Jesse who passed away when she was 7. I think it made her smile! Over all the dance was a huge success and it will probably become an annual event.
I got home that night with my body aching so bad. I couldn't even get undressed. I ended up sick with fever and chills all night. I had to go to church the next morning because my assistant librarian was sicker that I was. After church I came home and went back to bed. I only got up to make Kyle his birthday dinner and dessert, then I was back in bed for the better part of 3 days. Which by the way....can you believe my sweet handsome middle child is now 19 years old?! Time sure does pass too quickly! Yesterday was my first day up. I thought I had knocked this cold, then I woke up this morning and my glands are swollen huge and they hurt. Dangit! I surely don't have time for this. I have the way fun camp kick off meeting tonight. SO MUCH to do to be ready for that. I'll share what I'm working on in my next post. I love this years theme!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Does this mean they really like us or hate us???
I'm undecided since it's not just toilet paper. We have loads of shredded newspaper and a dried up Christmas tree and all it's lovely pine needles too that was so gently decorated and put at the front door. What does one do with a dried up tree? Too big for the barrel and we need that space for real garbage. I just don't know.Cole is not a happy camper trying to clean it up.
Wouldn't it have been better just to drop off a whole package of toilet paper at my door, knock and run? Then we could have at least used it to wipe our bums. Or perhaps even pull my weeds while you're here. That sounds great to me.
Revenge will be ours! :o)
Gotta run...SO MUCH to do these next 3 days. Hosting scrapbook night here tonight. Also taking dinner to a family in our ward because the mom is way sick. Tomorrow decorating the church and baking treats for the stake sweetheart dance tomorrow night. Then Sunday is Kyle's 19th birthday. He's requested spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate cake. All fun stuff so I can't complain.
***Edited to add***
Mystery solved! It was ladies in our ward! LOL! Goofy women. One came by with her daughters to help clean up and bearing gifts. She confirmed it was out of love. :o)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's about dang time I updated...

My sister Julie called me today and the first thing out of her mouth was "I'm so sick of looking at your fun weekend post." So here I sit updating my much neglected blog even though I've been in a cruddy mood most of the day.
Missie had a birthday and I decided to make her a centerpiece for her kitchen island. I also made myself one so that I wouldn't covet hers. :o) I bought wood fencing, cut them down to the size I wanted, sanded the edges and nail gunned them together. Then I filled the boxes with foam blocks and spanish moss. I couldn't find my wire cutters to cut down the flower stems, so I ended up using these huge bolt cutters. It was awkward, but it got the job done. I thought I had bought enough flowers to finish both centerpieces but I miscalculated because they required way more stems, so I finished Missie's then went back to buy more a few days later so I could finish mine. I think they turned out real pretty and so did Missie. I left the wood natural, but I can always stain or paint them later if I so desire. For now, I do not desire. :o)

On Saturday morning Mark and I drove up to Clints Well camp ground to pick up Cole and Dane early from their scout snow camp out. It was a 5 hour round trip. They had a basketball game that afternoon and would have lost if they hadn't been there. They were both tired from staying up too late so they didn't have their normal energy on the court, but they still won and remain undefeated so far.Sunday after church we all went over to the Koozers house to watch the Superbowl. Cole was the lone Steelers fan so they set up an table and chair outside by himself and gave him a chip with dip, a peanut and 1/4 inch of water in a cup. It was pretty funny!Missie and I made SO MUCH food! She made these fabulous homemade pizzas that beat take out pizza hands down. The crust is amazing! (and doesn't she look so cute!) She had an assembly line with all the different toppings and I also made alfredo sauce and grilled chicken for white sauce pizzas. So dang good! We ate and ate. My only regret was not wearing stretchy pants.Wills, Bailey, and Hal
Hunter, Dane and Cody


Mark and Emmett
Kyle went to a friends house to watch the game. Buddy was in Hawaii and watched the game 6 hours after we did. Chad came and brought the guy he watches over in the disabled home. I took a picture of them, but Chad just told me that I'm not allowed to take his picture for privacy reasons, so I deleted it. Cole and Hal
(switched shirts for a few minutes)
At one point we had stopped to rewind to see commercials we missed, then later Hal would disappear upstairs to see the game in live time since we were delayed downstairs and he would come back down wearing a different shirt depending on who was winning at the time. He saw the steelers make a touchdown so he came down wearing black just in time for us to see the play. He'd be cheering "That's my team!" He must have changed from red to black a half a dozen times. He's such a goofball.
After cooking and eating Missie and I enjoyed our seats in the way back row and even got to prop our feet up, but you can't see that in this picture.

I always love watching the commercials. My families favorite one was the magic snow globe one. I happened to like the potato head one. How could you not laugh when Mrs. Potato Head put in her angry eyes?! Too funny!