Wednesday, August 19, 2009

grand-kids...a whole new life...

My life is not the same with grand-kids living in the house. So many things I've forgotten {or deliberately shut out of my mind} from when my boys were little. My boys shower and and dress themselves, brush their teeth, can feed themselves, get in the car all by themselves. put their shoes on the right feet, Heck even matching ones. etc. Mark and John obviously cannot. I've been reintroduced to baths, cutting up food in bite size pieces, naps, diapers, car seats, sippy cups, Buzz Light-year and Woody, toys and puzzles, Sesame Street and other fun stuff like that. There are plenty of trials with adding a whole family into the house, like not being the one to make decisions because they are not my children can be frustrating. Getting use to each others quirks and stuff. Learning to bite my tongue when necessary to keep the peace. Overall it's a blessing to be a bigger part of these little guys lives.
Mark showing me he put his shoes on himself. They do not match. Ones a crock and ones a batman sandal. But he did it himself. LOL!I was walking through the family room and noticed that not one, but TWO Elmo's are keeping watch over everyone. They add a little something to the decor, don't you think?

How could you not love these sweet faces?

They are always there for a hug and an I "wuv" you! Can't beat that!

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Jeanette - said...

Oh my goodness Jolene - the boys have grown so much! I know, they tend to do that :) They are adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this last pic of them hugging each other, so sweet! Huge hugs to you too!!!