Sunday, August 16, 2009

memorial weekend...

For memorial weekend we borrowed our friend/dentist's cabin up in Strawberry. Not the whole family...just a little get a way for the two of us. The cabin was great! {and free for us} We spent so much time shopping and browsing antique store and the arts and craft fair they had in my most favorite little town of Pine.

We did a little photo shoot while we were there with the tripod and remote. Got some cute pictures as well as some cruddy ones. Isn't that always the case when you take pictures.

Y'all know I'm a girl who loves barns...fabulous!

One of the days we drove over to to Flagstaff. Anytime we can drive while being in the pine tress is a good day for me.

I loved Lake Mary. Most the lakes in Arizona are in the desert surrounded by ick, so this was a refreshing change for me.

While we were in Flagstaff they had a craft fair in the park as well. The weather was perfect and the kettle corn was amazing! They made it extra sugary...just the way I like it!
I swear I visited more porta potties this weekend. Not my favorite thing to do, but was absolutely necessary. I drink lots of water...enough said! :o)

Outside Nifty Fifty's Diner just after a huge breakfast where the pancakes are as big as the plate and so dang good!

Check these guys out! Turkey's just walking around the street. We pulled up beside them and Mark gobbled at them. The didn't like that at all and gobbled very loudly back at him. Good thing the guy serving turkey legs at the craft fair didn't spot them or they surely would have been lunch for some hungry shoppers. :o)

This is the Randall House Restaurant and by far our favorite place to eat up there. So full of country charm and great food to boot.

One of the many antique stores we visited.

Mark got me so many way cute crafty things AND he happily and creatively carried them all over town. These things we got at Carol's Country Store. Totally my most favorite store. We stop in there now every time we go up there to see what new things she's made that I must have.

This old barn is a quilt shop. Attached to the side is Carol's little store.

More fun finds at antique stores. The little light bulbs are nice addition to my salt and pepper collection.

This antique phone I did NOT purchase because of it's $300 price tag....however, I LOVE it and it's been on my wish list for as long as I can remember. It's at the last antique shop on the left before you leave Pine on your way up to Strawberry. I only say this, so later if I have big bucks, I will remember where I saw it. :o)

Our time together was so much fun. Shopping, eating, playing games, going on walks, eating, long talks, eating, seeing beautiful things etc. We ate entirely too much and never ate anywhere twice. Discovered good and bad restaurants. Whenever I eat at a bad place I immediately want a do over and wish I could take that meal back, have an empty stomach and try again with something better.

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Pam said...

OK, I'm jealous, we don't have fun little stores like that around here! I want that bird house with the star!