Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cabin time with the extended family...

At the end of June we took most of my side of the family back up to our friends cabin in Strawberry. Actually about half of them. Lots couldn't make it for whatever reason. Those of us who did go had a GREAT time! Mark, Chad and Chad's friend Jason rode their motorcycles up there. The rest of us took cars and trucks. Cole snapped some pictures of them riding on our way up there.

Chad and Kindra


throwing a football.

Chad and Mark

In cabin C, where the boys slept, they made a fort with the tumbling mats.

Don't you want to play whack a mole when you see this picture? :o)

Kyle slept A LOT while we were there....anywhere he could.

Basketball...Kindra girly-ing it it's not a real word....whatever.

Mark stringing the bows. He was scared to death he was going to fling himself. Then he did them all wrong and Cody re-did them all the right way.

How scary is it to have a bunch of boys with weapons?

Cody/Robin Hood George...the professional archer

Cole...Struggled in the beginning then got really good. His arm got sore.

Mark did great and got it in the target all the time.

Kayce...being the goofy boy that he is. He's always very entertaining.

We didn't have a volleyball net so Mark got creative and made a custom net so we could all play. Kindra really wanted a net. Mark said "What Kindra wants, Kindra gets!" Now do you see why it's good that we don't have daughters. He has no self control. Can't say no to a girl.

My parent showed up with Julie's dog Turner.

Cody and Cole with my dad...big smooch!

Mark and Kindra

Rene' and Dale

Rene' and Candice

My dad and Marlon {Candice's boyfriend}

Mark cooking fajitas. We cooked ALL the time! We all ate very well.

Lots of volleyball games. More of us played the second night, but I didn't get pictures that night.

We ate outside every meal. Only place we could all eat together.

Miss Kindra

Dang cute little squirrel

Kyle...actually awake and playing with us.

Julie and Rene scrapbooking

Me and Mark on the last night. I was so tired!
We sure loved spending time with the family, but wished they all could have came.


Pam said...

OK that was a long post and I'm still laughing at the wack-a-mole comment! Great photos! Looks like a ton of fun! You look fabulous, you have really worked hard girl!

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