Sunday, August 16, 2009

some of June's activities...

We went bowling for a family activity one night. It was lots of fun, but we only had 2 boys...which is strange...but still fun.
Cole and Cody...blurry, but cute boys


Cody did awesome that night.

These are cucumbers...I'm honest! Disgusting creepy huge cucumbers, but cucumbers none the less. We will never grow those again. totally creep-ed me out. We will also not be growing zucchini again. That stuff gets out of control. We did have fun with our community church garden.

Mark surprised me and came home from work with this fabulous shelf. Only problem was naked and needed to be filled. He so kindly took me to Rustic Hutch and we found cute things to fill it. I hung it below the window in the stairwell. So love it there. Makes me happy when I'm going up or coming down. Perfect!

Chad on his new R1. That thing is scary fast and that boy has no fear. Right now it's in the shop getting custom painted. Can't wait to see what he designed.

We met Chad and some friends at Joe's BBQ in Gilbert. Such a cute place. Love the baked potato with pulled pork on-top. Yummmm...

Kyle and Mellie


Mark and Jolene
We went to the movies together several times as a family. These picture were taken outside the Cine-mark in Mesa. We love that theater because it's not the popular hangout for the annoying kind of teenagers.

My niece Kindra came in town from Tennessee. We all met up at Organ Stop Pizza to hang out. She is a fun girl with an adorable accent.

As you all know I don't have any girls so you can bet I jumped at the chance when my sister, Coleen asked me to help her decorate girl foster daughter, Mariela's bedroom. Holy crud! I was in cute girl stuff heaven! It still needs some delicate little window treatments, but I love how it turned out.

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