Tuesday, November 18, 2008

photo shoot, bike, layout, craft instructions...

My sister Coleen wanted me to take her family pictures. Let me just say that it was NOT an easy task to do. There are far more bad shot than good ones. Her oldest son is autistic as well has having other issues. He is smart and funny as heck, but doesn't always cooperate when he should. The 3 younger are all foster kids and boy do we love them. They were all born with some sort of disadvantage. For the most part, premature deliveries and addicted to drugs, so they have been a bit delayed, but Coleen works really well with them and they are all such good kids....Just don't sit well for pictures. I did take 118 so she'll have plenty to choose from. I think she needs to print some of the ones where their goofing off. It demonstrates real life. :o)Mariela and Angel didn't smile in most of the pictures, but look how happy she is when she is trying to rip off Eric's nose. LOL!

Cisco isn't paying attention to anything, but I love this one anyways.

The girls

The boysKaden



Aren't they the cutest little kids?!

This past weekend, Mark sold one of his motorcycles. I actually cried because it's such a pretty bike, plus I know how much he loves it. Mark rode with the guy who flew in from Texas to buy it to Casa Grande then gave him instructions on how to get home from there. He said it was hard to see it ride away. Makes me sad. The guy called when he got home and said how much he loves it and how every place he stopped a long the way he got compliments on how nice it is. I think that kind of made it worse in Mark's head. He is glad it will be taken care of by someone who really wanted it.

I actually got to scrapbook on Friday night. I went to my friend Stacie's house and got ONE whole layout done of me and my goofy man. It's way too hard to be creative when you rarely scrapbook. It's true that if you don't use it you lose it. This layout was created from stuff that was part of a page kit, then I added some of my own things and tweaked it till it was my own.

Yes, these are the glass blocks you buy at home depot or Lowe's. To drill a hole in the bottom use a glass bit--also found at Lowe's or home depot, $15.00 ish --it looks like a cylinder...no tip--does that make sense? Put in sink, turn water on cold to a steady small stream on block. Drill hole, be firm but don't push it too hard, let drill bit do the work!!! Only takes 15 sec or so. Let the water drain out and dry. Carefully shove a 20-35 count strand white lights in the hole leaving out a long enough end to plug in. Apply the vinyl, which can be bought here. She has a real cute blog with lots of crafty ideas. It's actually cheaper than where we got ours. Wrap ribbon around the block. Tie a big bow and hot glue to the top. You're done!


Cecilia said...

Thank you so much for the instructions for the glass blocks. I've been wanting to learn how to do it :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Peggy in AZ said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I just love these and was dying to know how and where to get them. I am a lurker saw your blog thru Ellens. Love your blog thanks for keeping it real.

linda t said...

Wow! Great job Jolene! Those are like professional photographs! But you're right, how can you go wrong with such a darling family!

Love the glass block project.
Mmm, gotta make me one!

The Picketts said...

Those pictures are WONDERFUL! I should have you take OUR family pictures (wink wink) ha ha ha. Where did you do the shoot? What a GREAT backdrop! I'm a photographer at heart - so I LOVE these pictures!!!
Give my condolences to Mark. That's real tough!
P.S. I miss seeing you! I'm hoping that after thanksgiving - I'll try aerobics again! I've been miserable - but am finally getting some energy back (and have actually FELT the baby!) woohoo!

Andi said...

Jolene, you're an awesome photographer. Love the pictures of your sister and family. Those children are adorable and how wonderful for them to be in such a loving and lovely family.

Your layout is great girl! Are you making your Christmas cards this year? Hope you give your blogger buddies a preview.

Coleen said...

Wow! What a great looking family! Hey girl, thanks for being so patient with my kiddos. Love ya, see you on Sister's Day!!

Jacquie said...

You take such wonderful photos! You are one talented lady.

Cindi said...

Hey Jolene. My friends and I just started a monthly "Mom's Craft Night Out" last Friday and we made the glass blocks. I got my vinyl from the link you have on your post. Erin is so great to work with. You'll have to check out my blog to see our finished projects. We also did "Let it Snow" so we can keep it out all winter with our snowmen decorations.

familywithfivekids said...

Love the family photos you took. We just got ours taken and had a similar experience. We shot by a pond and our son (with autism and sensory issues) couldn't handle the smell of the stagnant water so we got very few pictures (about four to choose from!). Regardless I'm so glad we have them and our photographer was very patient and kind.
I'm sorry to hear your husband sold his bike. :(
Jolene, I'm wishing you and fabulous Thanksgiving.

Cassandra said...

Great pictures! I think the fact that they are not quite "perfect" makes them even more special! Love Love Love the layout of you and Mark!

Chickenbells said...

Look at all those beautiful babies! I love all the pictures...and the craft is wonderful as well...

Pam said...

Your sister has a beautiful family!

I love those clings! I really wanted to buy some of her "Believe" but I was too late, she is not taking anymore orders. Do you have any ideas where I could get some of those?