Monday, April 24, 2006

Mesa CK Convention

WOW! I can't believe it's been so many days since I've posted. The convention was so much fun! This was the first year for my sisters Julie and Coleen. (Rene' didn't go) All my classes were great. Of course I came home with several unfinished projects...I always do. Julie and Coleen are coming over tomorrow to finish some up. (see the cute boxes we made!) I won prizes in 2 classes! A big woohoo for me! I got a bag full of stuff from the card class that was sponsored by Provo craft. Then I got a way cute purple 9X9 album with paper, ribbon and rub-ons from Making Memories class that the adorable Margie Romney-Asslett taught. She is such a fun girl...I love her! (Me and her in the top picture) There is also a picture with the pickle ladies, Kristan and Joan. I made a beautiful album in that class. They were great teachers and both very sweet. I got to see Katherine Brooks-the artist briefly, but so sad that I didn't get a picture with her. I really wanted to, but she was sitting in the back of one of our classes and left before I could. My sister had her for a teacher and loved her. The vender fair was a lot of fun herding cattle. Surprisingly I didn't buy as much as I usually do. I did get a few things like Basic Grey paper, Melissa Frances paper, the pink QK hand tool, rub-ons, 2 shirts and renewed my magazine subscriptions. Plus $20 worth of stuff from the $1 booths. Perhaps that means I already have too much...who knows. I don't really think that could be true. ;o) My good friend Paula came to convention for the first time too. It was her birthday present to herself. She had some good classes and managed to do some damage in the vender fair too. I think she is officially hooked now. I'm glad she had so much fun. Notice the picture of the police car...well I don't really know the details, but I saw a woman sitting in the back of the car hiding her face. (I was nice and didn't take a picture of her) I'm assuming she was shoplifting because the cops were kind of chuckling about being arrested for stealing paper. What kind of scrapbooker would I be if I didn't at least get a picture of the car. It was part of the weekend experience.
After convention was over on Saturday night I came home and was so tired, but I had promised Mark that I would go with him on the motorcycle to meet up with a friend of his and his girlfriend. I was too tired to even change into good shoes so I kept my sandals on. It had been warm all day so I thought to myself big deal! I was so wrong! We drove out in the desert through Fountain Hills and then into Scottsdale to this outdoor restaurant. It was the greasy something...can't remember the name. They serve burgers and you eat out at picnic tables while listening to a live band. It was fun except for the icky smoke in my face all night. On the way home I froze my butt off! I know what you're thinking...crazy Arizona girl doesn't know what cold is. I am fully aware of my wussyness, but it was freaking cold...especially out in the desert. I was so wishing I had on my boots and chaps. It was a very long 45 minutes of teeth chattering and shivering. I was so happy to be home and in my own bed.


Amy said...

Yay! You're back. So glad you had a great time. It sounded fun.

Love the pictures. You and your sisters look cute holding up your projects! Love the cop picture-too funny!

September said...

I'm so glad you had a great time, Jolene! Kristan was excited to meet you and then said that you and she were fast friends and that you were a doll. :)

Pam said...

Great photos! I love Margie! She is the best teacher and so much fun! Congrats on your winnings! MM is always so generous!

Funny story about that police car, glad it was nothing too bad!

Sounds like you had a blast! My turn is next month at the CK Convention here and now you've got me excited!

Jessica K. said...

I had fun too on my first experience. Bought WAY too much and then went to a 2peas crop afterwards. All your info helped...thanks!

You are too funny...It's called Greasewood Flat and yes, if you're not dressed properly...well, you know. But I love the place (smoke aside).

Jolene George said...

Thank you Jessica! I hate it when I don't remember things. It was a great place! :o) Glad you had a good time too!
Pam...I Love Margie! you are going to be an awesome teacher at convention!
Tember...I so enjoyed Kristan...what a sweet pickle she is! :o)
Thanks Amy! We did have fun. We couldn't help but laugh about the police...hee...hee

Jeanette said...

So glad to hear you had an awesome time. I do hope I get a chance to take Margie's class at CKU Boston in August. She seems so personable.

And have fun playing with all your new product.