Monday, April 17, 2006

Mesa CK convention!

Mesa CK convention is this dang excited!
Here are my classes:
Thursday night-
6:00-8:00-Photo corrections and artist effects (Epson)
11:10-12:10 A years worth of cards (provo craft)
12:30-1:30 Simply fabulous with MM (making memories...Margie is teaching..yay!)
1:50-3:50 A year in the life album (rusty pickle)
4:30-5:30 20 more tips and tricks (creating keepsakes)
8:30-10:30 Is it art or is it scrapbooking (provo craft)
1:50-3:50 Just between friends (Melissa Frances by heart and home collectables Inc.)
There is plenty of time in my schedule to wander around the vender fair ogling at everything. I will try to keep the drool to a minimum. I usually always take a class from Deluxe Designs, but Katherine Brooks teased me and said I've already done it all and don't need it. She is so funny! She is a great teacher! My friend Paula is going for the first time to all three days as well as 2 of my sisters on Saturday. Should be lots of fun! I haven't made any layouts for the contests and it's not looking like there will be any time this week, but that's okay with me...too much un-needed stress.


Rhona said...

Wow Jolene, you've got a lot packed into your weekend, sounds like it's going to be lots of fun. Enjoy!

Amy said...

Wow Jolene! You've got some great classes. Can't wait to see your projects!

Pam said...

Oh cool! Have fun! I get to go and teach at the CK Convention next month!

Jeanette said...

How very exciting. I am looking forward to meeting Margie when we go to CKU Boston in August. So I'll be interested in hearing about your classes. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!


Anonymous said...
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