Monday, April 03, 2006

Menu planning dud!

This past month I've been a menu planning dud. My poor family has suffered because of it, so I'm getting back on the wagon. Everyone is happier when they know what's for dinner. Mark cooks breakfast every morning before school and work so I don't worry about that meal...just keep him stocked up on different breakfast supplies. I've decided that one day a week I will try a recipe that I've never made before. Gotta have some fun experimenting on this big group. I will post my weekly menu on here every Monday. Thursday night dinners are always way easy because Mark goes riding. The cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries is a peace offering to my family for dessert tonight. Everyone that saw it in my cart at Sams Club were drooling over it...glad it had a lid! ;o)

tacos- chicken and beef with homemade salsa
Flank Steak, grilled seasoned potato slices, corn on the cob
Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread
Grilled hotdogs, potato salad, chips
Date fend for themselves
Ham steaks, steamed baby potatoes and carrots, green beans
*new recipe...Cream cheese crock-pot chicken, homemade creamed corn, rice, rolls
Gotta go make the salsa. We're having an early dinner so we can be to Cole's baseball game by 5:30


Amy said...

I'll call you from the airport when my plane arrives on Sunday.

That sounds so yummy.

September said...

It all sounds good, Jolene! I've been doing really well with planning and feeding us lately, being home sure helps! I think I'm going to start posting our menus for the week on the fridge. :)

Chris said...

I did the cream cheese crockpot chicken and the cheese curdled...Beware!! I am not putting it in at the begininng next time. (I always give a new recipe 2 trys). I have been trying new ones out of Taste of Home Magazine...Yummy I am getting hungry so going to get off here and go cook something.

Chris said...

P.S. Your homemade salsa ROCKS!!!

Jolene George said...

Thanks girls! Amy... the airport is oly 15 minutes away so I'll come get ya!
Chris...The recipe I'm trying has you add the cream cheese at the end. I love trying to make new things! The family loves my homemade salsa too. thanks!

Pam said...

Holy cow! My family would leave me if they saw your blog! I wish I had time to make all those yummy meals! It's always something fast and not exciting at my house!