Thursday, May 14, 2009

good stuff...

Look what Mark got me! I think that boy likes me or something. How flippin' cute is this coffee table? I know...way cute! I totally love the door knob on it too. This shelf was made out of the other part of the door. Way too cute too!

I re-did the downstairs bathroom. Very outdoorsy and country cute.

Yet another old door used in a way cute way. It has a great mirror and rusty hooks and the seat lifts up for storage too. I added the bear crossing sign, the tree, the pillow, the fishing basket and net, and the rusted lantern. The moose lodge sign say "where shooting the bull is expected." The wreath has rusted tin moose and trees on it.

Yes, I made this. Love the whole bathroom!

Brek, Brittany, Mark and John came over for mother's day. They even went to church with us. I was SO HAPPY!!! Mark fixed dinner and dessert AND cleaned up for my whole side of the family. It was delicious and much appreciated by all the mothers who didn't have to cook this year. Such a great day!Cole and Cody playing with baby Mark (who is not a baby anymore)

da da da da da da da da da batman! aka funny!

Grammy and the boys

Grampa and Mark

Grampa and John

We are still working together on our family garden. Chad didn't make it last week though. It actually fun when we do it together. Just don't ask me if it's still fun come July. For now we are loving it!

After weeding and watering and a teeny bit of harvesting we went to Carl's Junior for a quick dinner. Kyle made a "cat" out of his box. {well, what he considers to be a cat} After he made it he salted it and called it Chinese food. LOL! That boy has a strange sense of humor.

Cole got this oh so cute heart shaped scab playing baseball. I know boys think scars are cool and manly, but not necessarily when they are shaped like a heart...poor boy! LOL! In my eyes it's still icky...especially when I saw it full screen on my monitor....shudder! He only has to get 2 more home runs this season to earn a new outfit. He has 8 so far. That boy is motivated. Who knew boys liked clothes so much. :o)

Late mother's day night I caught myself a nasty cold and was in bed for 2 solid days. Mark made me take NyQuil. I hate that stuff! Plusalso they left off an important part of the description. "the night time sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can rest medicine." It should also state that it will leave to lethargic and comatose the next day without the ability to wake up at a decent hour. I was seriously worthless and slept ALL day! Mark got me those awesome puffs plus with Vicks tissues. Ironically when you really need those kinds of tissues you can't breathe, therefore you can't smell them. Today I can breathe so I've been totally enjoying sniffing the box of tissues. Smells so darn good. Little things make me happy! :o)


Diana said...

I can't believe how much I am entertained whenever I read your blog. I sure enjoy all of your ideas and I LOVE the coffee table. Way cute. You and I have similar tastes. my living room is decorated in the cabin theme. You'll have to tell me how to make the wall hanging that you did. Keep up the good work. Someone is reading this stuff!

Wendy's ugly dress prom is tomorrow night. I will share later what we are doing.


Pam said...

You seriously are the best decorator! I wish you'd come do my house!

You look adorable in that straw hat and also look like you have lost more weight! Looking great girl!

Mary Ann said...

I loved catching up. Your garden looks like fun. I am missing our garden. Love the ugly dress party pics. What a fun idea. Miss your family, but love the blog and that we get to keep updated. Love you guys!

Coleen said...

Hey, where's the pic's of our family woman???!! We all had a fun time too. I just got back from the vacation from hell. There were fun times in between but way too much driving and babies were too small to enjoy. Love ya.

wendy said...

New job for you: caterer extra-ordinaire and decorating consultant!

You are the best decorator!

I wish you'd come decorate my home too. You are just amazing, seriously.

And how great was that that hubby brought home that door table and shelf/cupboard thingy ... TOO cute.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

familywithfivekids said...

Love your new table and you look adorable in your pictures!
I'm determined to lose weight before heading up to Camp Zion this summer - gotta' be able to get up and down that hill without losing my breath, ha! You are my inspiration though, I would love to know your tips because you're looking good. :)

Caren said...

Miss reading your adventures...hope everything is ok.

nanapeggy said...

Just what I was wondering too. And I wanted to add how cute you look in the picture with the hat. Just a lurker. I found your blog from Ellem in Massachusetts. She is a friend of my son and his family.

Anonymous said...

My kids finally talked me into getting a computer, so I am learning things as I go. My daughter suggested checking out some blogs and I came across yours. I just love reading your blog. I miss not seeing new things you've done! It's like waiting for a new issue of your magazine to come in the mail! I hope you update your blog, it is so enjoyable. I don't know google or any of the other things yet so I guess I have to go under anonymous for now. Thanks and keep up the good work. Lizzie B.

wendy said...

Issuing an APB for Jolene! LOL.

Hope everything is super at your house.

Looking forward to your next post.

Coleen said...

Okay woman, when are you gonna post something new?? Well, I guess I have to leave you alone to let you do that. I'm just on a mission to do Mariela's room and seeking some sisterly advice. Doesn't decorating a girlie room make you want to have a girl?? I say crazy, right?

Anonymous said...

Missing you !!
Looking forward to an update.

Anonymous said...

jolene this is your inner voice speeking,,, you need to blog again for yourself and for all your friends....oooooohhhhh listen to your inner voice...ooooohhhh.

Mary Ann said...

Just checking in to see if you had anything new up.
I miss reading you every day!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope something didn't happen to you other than life in general.
Take care

Anonymous said...