Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A glimpse of my month....

I've had lots of comments and emails asking me if I'm okay because I haven't posted in over a month and it's not like me to go so long. To be honest, I have been through A LOT of emotional stuff. Actually I'm still going through it. It's been really tough, but as most of you know I'm always very positive and optimistic and I have done my best to look for the blessings in my trials. So far so good and since I'm buckled in tight to this wild ride called life. Jumping off in the middle isn't an option, now is it?! There have been plenty of good things to keep me busy as well.
  • I got to spend time with my very cute grandsons. They have both had haircuts since the pictures below.
  • I drove Cole to town every day for a week for AIMS testing and sat in the hall on the floor for 3 hours while I waited each day.
  • I've been to lots of Cole's baseball games. No pictures since they're all at night and apparently flash photography affects their game. Cole has his 6 home runs so far, he pitches and plays 3rd base, and he's at least a whole head taller than everyone on his team. He is an awesome player!
  • I got to catch up with my good friend Robbie after 25 long years. That guy has the best memory of anyone I know. It's scary and fun how much he remembers from way back then.
  • I went to way fun luau with a bunch of girlfriends from church. I won the hula hoop championship. I even beat out all the cute young skinny girls. I was actually impressed that I did so well. I'm thinking of buying my own hula hoop today, because it was great exercise.
  • Made cute garden signs for ours and Koozers gardens. Been there weeding every Monday night as a family. It's been surprisingly fun to do it together.
  • I bought "cute butt" pants, shorts, and capri's in 3 sizes smaller than I wore last year at this time.
  • Had two group dates...first one was another round of office chair hockey. We totally kicked butt, but it wasn't without injury from being slammed into walls and other people at high speed, not to mention being thrown from the chair multiple times and had a real hard fall that took major time to recover from. I laid there in a puddle for a while in pain on the floor. It was lots of fun so the pain was worth it. Second was kickball. Very fun, but discovered that I'm really not a good runner. Only made it as far as second base. Mark did awesome of course. We played for a long time...until the sprinklers came on and we called the game. I did run fast to get off the field that time. We really do have a great bunch of friends we hang out with. I love them all!
  • Had the funnest enrichment night where my friend Chelsea was the game show host. She was hysterical! I've never laughed so much in my life. So much in fact I cried and my stomach hurt. That girl has so much funny material that is just naturally in her head. Only pictures I have of that was on my phone.
  • Went to a high priest group party at the Koozers. We had dinner and games. We discovered that some people in our ward can totally lie with a straight face and others are not so good at it. Another night full of laughter.
  • I helped bottle 9,500 bottles of catsup-ketshup. It really was fun FAST work. Very much like the episode of I love Lucy....minus tossing chocolates in my mouth and down my blouse to keep up with the the machine. I don't think that would be so good with catsup. LOL!
  • Mark and I cooked breakfast for 120 people...we made 144 breakfast burritos, homemade salsa to go with them, and too many pancakes to count.
  • Went to the fair with Jenny and Tony. Bought a pig, had it butchered. It's now neatly stacked up in my freezer!
  • Ate lunch with my parents, Aunt Judy, Mark and Coleen at Tia Rosa's. That is by far my most favorite place to eat.
  • Had sisters night with Rene', Julie, and Coleen. We ate at Toby Keith's new restaurant and saw the movie 17 again. Fun time with my girls.
  • Had a ward party with a 50's theme. I did the twist and my body still hates me for it. Even Mark and my boys danced. Mark totally kicked butt in the limbo and was pretty much the only one that did it correct. I can honestly say my body doesn't bend like that anymore. Fun night!
  • Had my whole family over for a very yummy dinner Sunday night while Aunt Judy was still in town. Great time visiting with all of them. I wish everyone would have came.
  • Had family night with the Koozers last night since our BBQ was still at their house. It was a good excuse to spend time with our bestest friends. Got on the trampoline...big mistake! Mark played crack the egg with me against my wishes. There was screaming involved. That guy can still do a back flip! I can't even jump without peeing. The joys of being a mother of 5!
  • That's it for now. Promise not to stay away anymore! Disclaimer...there will be lots of typos. No time to edit. Heading to town and running late.


Diana said...

Jolene, every time I read about your life... I realize how boring my life is. Can I be You? You are a great inspiration to everyone! I don't know what you are going through, but I do know that you have much to be grateful for. Keep up the great work!

come visit me sometime although There isn't too much fun going on... http://azradersnv.blogspot.com

Briana said...

You are one busy girl! Love those signs, they are adorable!

maren said...

I love your garden signs.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you posted! I've been checking your blog frequently stealing card design ideas! :-) You've been one busy girl. Love the garden signs! You are so creative! I just love you!

Caren said...

Wow... you are one busy lady! Sounds like you are still making the most of your life despite going through some tough stuff. Hang in...everything changes! Love the garden signs...too cute!

Coleen said...

Well, I've known you were alive. I'm glad to see you've updated. When are you gonna come back over and help me finish our project??? Give me a call.

Chickenbells said...

Well, it's just delightful to hear your voice and see your face again! You look fabulous by the way!!

wendy said...

Hi Jolene! You are amazing! I can't believe all that you do in a month. And three sizes smaller? That is AWESOME.
Hey, I screwed up when I took my blog private. I forgot to add a few people's e mail addresses into my list of allowed readers (because I just went through my comments and added in the names of all of my commenters in the last six months ... forgot to think that not everyone has time to comment or has time to visit my blog in their busy lives) ... so I feel terrible that I forgot to add your e mail address.
I know that I don't make it over here often but each time I do I'm SO glad I stopped in. Your attitude is SO amazing and your crafts are SO dang cute.
Please accept my heart felt apology and know that I didn't intend to leave anyone off of my "allowed" list ... just did it late at night and missed some people, thinking that I had gone to each blog and gotten each e mail address. Error, pure and simple.
I love you and I love your blog, as per usual!
Love, me.

wendy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Coleen said...

Hey Woman, Happy Mothers Day!! Thanks for having us over and tell Mark he did an awesome job tonight.