Friday, March 03, 2006

hanging in there!

I've been taking your advise and breathing through everything. So far things are going well. I got through the bean dinner last night and the 6th grade meeting. Today I cleaned my kitchen, living room, laundry room, mopped the floors, did some laundry, made 9 loaves of banana bread, and made 24 cards for the troops...all this with a screaming headache. I plan to go to the chiropractor in the morning (in hopes to get rid of this blasted thing), then run to the store for birthday treats for Cody's class, take him to lunch, get banking done for employee payroll, borrow luggage from my parents, do more laundry and start packing. I took care of Julie's present by buying her the "Is it art or is it scrapbooking" class and a day pass to the vender fair at convention in April. I won't stress about cleaning everything up here. What gets done, gets done and what doesn't who cares. I'm pretty sure it will be a mess when we get home anyways. I have family and friends who will be calling and doing surprise drop by check ins to keep them on their toes. Poor Brittany is getting a very quick initiation into the George family life. She's a tough girl. I think she'll make it. One of our employees will be staying here too, so it will be a full house with all our bases covered. We will have a family meeting on Sunday night to go over ground rules in hopes that it will all be fine on the homestead for the 5 days were gone. We are so looking forward to the cruise! :o)


Pam said...

wow! I can't believe that those two photos are the same boy! What a handsome devil he is! I also can't imagine having a teenager! 3 more years for me! LOL! I hope you are getting some packing done! ;)

Pam said...

Hey man, all that you definitely need a vacation! I need one just reading it!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I'll be thinking of you in your warm sunny place while I turn 40 on your anniversary! :)