Saturday, January 08, 2011

crafty make-over...

Okay...since moving from Maricopa and my most awesomely beautiful enormous house, we are back to Mesa into a teeny tiny cozy house so that the boys can be in the schools they want. In that process I lost my americana family room, and didn't want to lose my way cute picture frames made from half a french door and an old window frame. I taped them off, painted them black and sanded and stained the edges.

I matted the newest family pictures on some scrapbook paper that I cut to fit the glass openings. Looks pretty darn cute in black {I think} and it matches my outdoorsy living room to boot.
I still need to take individual pictures to put in the old window frame. It got too dark on the evening we we're taking family photos. Couldn't possibly be because my family was screwing around too much...nah! I'll be sure to share when I get that one done.